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Many of you know, currently because of a business arrangement,  I am a SONY fan, I carried Nikon for forty years, it had it’s benefits, fast tech service, decent employee perks, the paper had the lenses I didn’t want to mortgage the house for and we sold NIKON in the store.

With that said not to offend my NIKON and CANON users, when I retired the first time and got out of specifically doing sports, weddings and politicians, I decided to let my collection of Nikons go. I was going to take up fishing, from a Gheenoe, not a 30,000 dollar Bass boat.

Timing was good, digital really stepped up and I got out,  albeit in my underwear but I bailed selling almost 12,000 dollars worth of gear.  Fast forward...

But like a moth to the flames I got dragged back.   The second retirement was again from covering sports, politicians and weddings.   A wedding for a good wedding mill customer whose own shooters didn’t want to touch this gal whose last name was I believe  Mephistopheles. That was that and fast forward.

Then two years ago, the election game began complete with cheating, lying, hatred, division and diversion, and a bunch of loser cretins getting into office and I got the call again.  And when it ended poorly.  I had enough, I’m both embarrassed by what happened and really not comfortable with the future.  This time its real, I’m done.  The third retirement except...

I will still be doing battery packs and scanners just as before, nothing will change, this keeps me alive and active except I will be available cutting some hours, from 8 to 12 (Noon) daily  and having fun from twelve on.

And I got to play with a few of the SONY’s and the employee plan for SONY was incredible.  The “A” series has unique features, Carl Zeiss inspired lenses and if you can find some, you have the ability to use Minolta AF lenses and most are really top notch.  

And with the SONY LA4 converter hundreds of lenses work on both my “A" and E-Series cameras. I have six of them, two A mounts and four E mounts.  They keep growing.

Most do not know that the  legacy Minolta lens’s of great quality were made by Minolta in their factory and not from any of the commercial lens makers.

The  AF mount lens’s maybe easily be stolen ( bought right) from pawnshops because most of the shops know nothing about what they gave nothing for.   And if you reside in Florida like I do because of the laws pawn shops deal with, most used camera gear is still there making it impossible for KEH and others to buy here in bulk.

Pawnshops are great places to find some camera equipment if you know what to look for and if the store has Minoltas equipment, my partner just picked up a 1400 dollar lens for 200 dollars and tossed the body it was on.  When the laws were lax on pawned merchandise here KEH, B&H all had buyers here.  I know we sold them a ton of stuff.

As far as Legacy flashes go I have new solutions for METZ 45 and the SunPak 522 series.

INCREASE - For twenty years I have held my prices rather than raising them and will continue to do so as long as there is the volume I’m used to. I lost another battery distributor and vendor to the economy and some products are getting hard to find or if I can find them the pricing has gone off the planet.  I refuse to use cheaper Chinese parts of dubious quality.  So I’m working on backup distributors  and new sources which usually result in something better anyway.

NEW SCANNER PROGRAM - Digital Automated Scanning, our business model is hot, and we are shipping.  Read the digitizing section, it’s a money maker for those months when things are slow and exclusive territories are available. The winner this week did over 10,000 slides and made a chunk of money.   (He negotiated to .43 cents a slide, do the math)
My three scanner operation is set up now with a capacity of 2400 slides per hour 
digitized which is a net of over 1000 dollars an hour. 

TSA HOT ON LITHIUM -  Another hot item is the TSA battle and they are right on this one, over Lithium.  A reminder my packs are sealed lead acid or SLA , Ni-MH and not on the bad list.  Just make sure you have the red caps on the battery when traveling on an airline.  So leave the flying carpets, scooters, hovercraft and anything else Lithium powered off the planes.  One jerk got nailed the other day with a Samsung 7, had the phone confiscated and will be seeing a judge soon. This is a Federal offense you can’t win or claim ignorance.  And refusing or arguing will only increase the trouble you might be in.

SEVERE PENALTY WARNING -  MORE HOT NEWS announced by the FAA.  The Samsung Seven, all models are restricted from being carried aboard an aircraft, or stowed in luggage.  If caught it will be confiscated and you will be possibly fined as much as $179,000 dollars and/or worse 10 years in jail as now it is considered a dangerous device.  ($179,000 Is Not A Joke)  

Guaranteed more X-Rays of your luggage. With the recall of a quarter million Samsung Washing Machines which surfaced Samsung is having a tough year.  Fortunately no one I know tried to smuggle their washing machine on board.   If they see a checked phone in your luggage, it will get opened and if it is a Samsung Seven you are as Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars Naboo planet explains “In DEEP DO-DO”.

It’s now a Federal offense and several fires have been reported and only fast work by the aircrew prevented a catastrophe.  READ WHOLE ARTICLE ON FIRE


Because of our designs,  upgrades are more like simple maintenance.  We are different from others in which enormous amounts of money are needed to sustain the products. It's called simplicity.  And that keeps the product up to speed, and usable for minimal cost for a long, long, time.

This is important because you want to be at the top of your game and we can take that five year old Black Box and make it into a 2017 with a snap of the fingers and an average of about 50-60 dollars.

We are in the booking mode of the dreaded summer Wedding Season when men are disturbed about missing football, searching for women in bikinis, planning the next steak on the grill party, following fishing shows on TV and women are thinking about weddings.  Thats why weddings are usually on Saturday unless you come from a Big Ten college town and who needs to get married in such a place.  When I went to school, the ROTC called it a target rich environment. 

The feared Tyrino Bridus Rex and her mate, Brewusasouras, decided to make it legal. Fourteen offspring eggs do that to you. So lets get on the ball and get these packs updated, charged, tested and ready for the forthcoming slaughter. It could be you! 

For me this means upgrades and repairs to get people back on track. For you this might mean "working with patience".  Weddings are work and you need "patience" before you swap the camera for a gun and make a "patient" out of the Bride.  Leave the groom alone, he just really wants it over and to climb back into his man-cave with a 52 inch screen and a brewski. 



The Black Box, the HD power pack for the extended time range, heavy shooters in the wedding, event, sports, forensic, and commercial fields are still made by my hands one at a time.  And thats the way it’s been from the beginning, we designed things for the professional, specifically for the guys who make or want/have/need  to make a living out of the Photography Business.  

Using our system, that can be as much as 6000-8000 plus shots at reduced power.   It does not include flash cables for your specific flash unit.  No excuses, we build, you use, products work, you make money.  

I make simple, overbuilt, redundant products.  No bleeps, no bling, no BS.  
Experience is a great teacher, so are disasters, but disasters are not so great, but can make a lasting impression.  If you have to reach for the camera manual when the bride is having a meltdown, go back to flipping burgers and have a cheese melt-down. It’s safer.  

I have been building packs and other equipment for the photo industry for close to fifty years.  If word of the BLACK BOX, was suggested to you or you have been searching for the cure for the fumbling, inadequate, inconsistent use of AA batteries got you here, you are saved. 

Remember, the shot of the year when the flower girl kissed the ring bearer got caught on fifty cellphones and you missed it when you were changing your AA cells or chimping, you are in the right place. 

My Black Box is a high capacity pack designed for the long haul.  The wedding or event that runs hours over, like 95% of them when the other packs are exhausted.  

It is not an undernourished prone to failure Chinese Lithium based pack that will be extinct in a year just like all the other stuff that comes from there.  I have three of them sent to me that don’t work, went bad, not as advertised, etc.   I looked inside and can’t help them, the cheap micro boards, and cheap cells, don’t hold up, I suspect the heat Lithium gives off kills the micro boards.  We, like many companies build in a 15% failure rate on their components.   



I’m offering you a chance to make money with the S2D Slide to Digital operating system.  For those of you who have ordered and used Black Boxes you know how I engineer things. Simple, but overkilled, redundantly safe and secure products.  

  Now we have another money maker.  You have customers, friends, relatives, and possibly a closet filled with Ektachrome, Kodachrome, Fuji Chrome and Agfa Chrome slides slowly degaussing and gathering dust.   Somewhere out there are about six billion slides.

 And most likely a broken unfixable Kodak Carousel going or already useless as there are no parts and few work on them. The solution, turn the sides into digital and money.   When you just have a few weddings on the books, here is a related product that can profitably fill in the gaps.

 Just look at our new Slide 2 Digitizing unit which is a fast as predicted, about 800 full frame quality slides per hour, with High Resolution cropped enlargeable sometimes color corrected slide.  24MP files.  Wen print 24x30’s all the time from the huge files when the credit card machine says approved.  

 Converting old slides into modern digital imaging formats and turning incredible profits with a two hour setup and learning curve.   And a 2000 dollar investment, includes everything including a premium 24MP SONY Camera, special lens combo, works anywhere there is a table, no supplies, chemicals, no paper needed, totally self contained, and independent. 

   We receive some really odd slides at times that require special handling since they are so thick they cannot go through the S2D automatic digitizer.  Most are permanently mounted and removal might ruin the slide itself.  I created an out of the box solution from an old Bowens Illumitran,  which is now new again.  It’s reborn, stronger,  tougher,  safer and built to Jacobs Engineering Standards (Just say “JES”) and I called it “The Illumitron”, being frugal, I only had to change one letter from “Illumitran”.  ILLUMITRON




💒    For decades, as a shooter, wedding planner and wedding psychiatrist with  450+ weddings, I learned a lot from the myriad of Brides I photographed on their most important day and e
ach one a rare and unique study into the self-imposed pressure chamber during the Wedding Event.  

💒    Weddings to an outsider (thats you the shooter) are just like STAR WARS with each new wedding like a segment exposing something different just as Luke Skywalker experienced.   There are those wonderful moments week after week that I have photographed gorgeous beautiful Brides and Grooms and Bridal parties you wished were cloned each week and this would be an ongoing nirvana. 

💒    But thats not life, suddenly you get to see and witness the “The Dark Side”.  A result of the high stress world today, the other extreme, when these beautiful baby blues turn into glowing red pustules where the eyes were must have been and it would scare you.  
You would think they were daughters of the under-lord Mephistopheles.  Blame it on TV and reality shows coaching this is how Brides act and what you are supposed to act like.  

💒   The first section explains the people structure and the pitfalls, what to look out for and how to prepare to be smarter and avoid the uncommon occasional problem wedding of today. 

💒    The second section is the most complete series of both mental structuring, and good business sense to succeed in this business for YOU, or any other endeavor for that matter.  I taught sections of this for a large corporations and it will set you straight in the business.

💒    The third section of the guide is really pointers on gear and will be expanded as needed. No, I do not waste my time doing a review on the big threes latest model since it really won’t do anything spectacular and is nothing more usually than a breadboard or chip change because of chip development, renovation, supply and demand. 

🏟    Breaking down the phrase “Event Photography” into it’s two components in the equipment section simply means any occurrence or groups, or masses, in one place for an occasion is part one, and the recording or photographing said project is part two. Events are trade shows, corporate announcements or promotions, holidays, feel good morale boosters, weddings, banquets, proms, team sports, anniversaries, trade shows, fundraisers, political social enterprise, and more.  More than twenty people, its an event.

🏛     Miscellaneous There are more and more photographers splitting their time as some markets decline and some prosper.  The shooter has to be productive and I know some great wedding shooters who delve into other markets (sometimes with associates) to broaden their base.  Quiceneras, Bar mitzvahs, Golf Tournaments, Pool Tournaments, almost any event counts and some turn out to be fun.  I did a presentation for Photographic Journalism during career day for a school and gave the teachers and kids enough business cards with a portrait offer and picked up a slew of family business, portraits and a Wedding.   In this section, heres how, and what gear works and doesn’t.



🛠    A guide for " Do it Yourself " with great inexpensive products you can build yourself that work as well as the commercial overpriced stuff does.  I love dreaming this stuff up. It’s humor for me.  I am a student of simplicity with Advanced and Doctorate degrees from Ace Hardware, eBAY, Amazon, Lowes and Home Depot.  

🛠    I find overpriced junk on the web all the time and paying a lot of money for something for one job is ludicrous.   With some findings and ACE Hardware, a few common everyday tools you can build devices of better substance. Your imagination is your guide.  An entire plethora of inexpensive gizmos to make your life easier and they will do the same thing. This is my  fun stuff because if I use what I built and likely it’s not needed any more , it comes apart and I make it into something else.



🛠    This additional tab houses feedback, incredibly great people I have had the fortune to meet,  and much off the wall sometimes things I see and hear in the industry that I can rant about.  The great folks I have had the privilege of being with and information it won’t hurt you to know something about.  Almost anything can wind up in this section. 

This website and my online free book  “The Guide To Weddings and Making Money”  has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no claims it will cure any disease, or malady caused by shooting photos’s at Weddings or at worst someone from the wedding shooting you with something the NRA would be proud of.

No photographers, brides, grooms, horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this book and if you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  We use two, sometimes three ICONS to represent certain circumstance.


 NO SMOKE NO BULLSH*T - You are about to get truth.


Thoughts Deader than Casey's Balls

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