For Small Size Bobbins I Use 1/4 Inch Spacers.  These are truly flexible tools you 
can make for next
to nothing and most of these parts are value packed four up at ACE hardware for more savings and better
quality and a
ll nuts and bolts are 1/4 x20 to standardize all I build.  You will probably have to ream out the holes in the brackets as they are tight, with a 1/4 inch drill but that insures this rig is stiff and permanent, no plastic.

Jacobs “ Big Boy Bobbins”  Custom Bobbins -   I spell it both, maybe three ways - NO RULES, Bobbin or Bodkin, Bobkin, Bob-kin, Butt-kin, holders, threaders, whatever, etc.   

Description:  The thing that holds the thread.  Since the Heavy Duty threads in large spools were available at Michaels, and WAl-MART plus donations from garage sales we scour,  have mixed size spools mostly larger of good cotton, many new unused.  So we have a lot of thread and they get put to use not only for fly tying 10% but PPE production 90%.

They work great on streamers and are sealed with UV after assembly I had no problem using this heavy stuff on the tube in any size to 4/0 and bigger for offshore trolling. 

Garage Sales — PLUS:  The threads are used for my face mask project putting seniors to work,  they know how to sew, the younger women know how to shop, we push sewing for pandemic protection for the poor and kids, use especially since price gouging is a national sport.  A 69 cent mask is $1.99 elsewhere and can’t be reused. Cotton masks and bandanas go in the wash, sprayed with a sanitizer and reused.

Sometimes scouring garage sales we found sewing machines and I found sewing boxes littered with threads. My gal loves garage sales and I told her find me enough spools and we’ll go to dinner at a nice place.  So far the quest has worked, but good news is others are sewing pandemic PPE masks and the downside is good machines are getting scarce, thats good too, people are getting active.

Tube Flies  —  Tubes are great and pretty indestructible after building with coats of any of the fine products I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply, the giant makeup and personal grooming store which was right next door to Michaels Craft Shop which had great chenilles, yarns and synthetic furs, God know what you can use for streamers.   

Disguise did not work  —  The manager of Sally’s greeted me, she asked point blank… she asked hairstylist or fisherman, another fisherman? I almost fell over…   “ Most men don’t shop here and the last one was here two days ago”.  I asked her what he bought and if she got his name…  I had on my list almost everything he had on his.   Pure Acetone, final super Hard Coats, that are incredible, Glow-in-the-dark stuff,  and head colors from Hard as nails in a million colors, nail polish with built in sparkle in all colors which took some really old spoons and made them new with a clear coat on top and I got a small discount as a new customer. 

But larger streamers for salties are easier to build if you have large hands.  BUT, no one makes a bobbin really big enough for the bigger spools.  So I made a quick half dozen just for this project.  Nuts and bolts from Ace Hardware.  And fully adjustable for size and tension and about two dollars work of parts.   The needles are 36-gauge from Amazon, a hundred for 6.99 plus bicycle spokes cut and shaped to fit.

The picture shows the sizes standard fly spools, larger fly spools and giant spools and these bobbins can adjust for all those sizes by a simple nut adjustment or changing the bolt, the brass tube can be moved inside or outside to center the tube.  So you have tension adjustment, size adjustment with washers, and cheaper than anything else. Plus they are indestructible.  In the next issue:  Im waiting for some ceramic parts and teflon we will bulletproof the rigs) 

Parts List  - Best Bet Ace Hardware
( Better quality, selection,  and cheaper than big box stores)

a) 1 inch “ L” Bracket covers all size spools

b) 2 inch Straight Bracket ( also called a mending plate)

c) 1/2 inch 1/4 x 20 short Zinc Bolt  

d)  21/2 inch 1/4 x 20 Zinc Bolt

e)  2 of 1/4 x 20 Regular Nut

f)  1/4x20 Nylock Lock Nut

g)  1/8 small washer ( I used rivet backing plate)

h) 1/8 inch brass pipe thread tubes 

  • Connect L bracket a) to Straight bracket b) using short Bolt c) and one of the e) nuts
  • Those two and a half inch Zinc Bolts ( d- you want them magnetic, not stainless so they will stack on magnets) go through the base of the straight bracket and secured with second e) nut  
  • The thread tubes are 1/8 inch round tubes, brass h)  cut to about three inches.  I used an awl and flared the ends and polished them.  
  • I soldered some or you can use UV resin glue and then glue to horizontal end of a) 
  • The lock nut secures the tension.  
  • The 1/8 brass tubes fit in the 1/8 small washers, I ever so slightly crimp the tube for gripe where the ring sits
  • The white shrink tubing caps or yellow wire caps if you have them hold the end of the line, I heat pinch the end of the white tubing. The caps are great.
  • As soon as my ceramic tubes and some other parts get here I will be once again upgrading the tips.  They work just fine the way here and are indestructible and cost about two dollars in parts, I had lots of these parts.  But ceramics might work on some of these weird threads… we’ll see, I am never one to stop improving.  And you can see this little gizmo, is flexible and you can tailor it to your needs.

I had many of these parts laying around the rest came from ACE hardware.  And thats after I emptied the garage… just call me the “  garbagemeister”….or “ garagemeister”…