If you are working salt water you will 


Using our Kwik Twist Tool allows you to make your own professional leaders with ease. Making barrel wraps has never been easier than with this simple tool. 

  • This is great for the angler who wants to make custom length single strand wire leaders for a fraction of the cost of pre-tied leaders.
  • Short learning curve, good hands required, small and efficient. Follow size guidelines, two versions


From muskies to marlin now anyone can make their own single strand haywire twist leaders stronger than the pros. Our E/Z Twist is available in two sizes and comes complete with easy to follow instructions.

  • #1095 - Small: For 3-8 gauge wire (.012 - .020 dia. wire) or 32- 86 pound test.
  • #1096 - Medium: For 9-13 gauge wire, .022 - .031 dia. wire, or 105-195 lb. test.
  • Create prefect haywire twist wire leaders
  • Use for saltwater fish like kingfish and more
  • Great for Muskie and northern pike
  • Tool fits easily in tackle box to make rigs anywhere


Little Blue bender is just that a bender and does a good job but not my choice for making spinner baits or barrel ends because its not made for that. It just does nice bends but not barrel wraps…for lures…

The NetCraft Tack-L-Tool is one of the least expensive barrel turners on the market  but you must have patience as it requires a learning curve and a lot of it is manually done.

It is available in two levels…. Just the tool itself and you can watch the videos by one owner on the youtube channels and he makes it look simple.

The second version comes with all you need, the tool, a great book with tips and ideas wire and the book alone is worth the   difference.  It will handle most wire gauges in the spinner baits from crappie to good sized saltwater behemoth.

This small pocket sized tool ( Simply called a Wire Former) is just that a small pocket sized tools for barrel wraps in the small sizes only topping out at .024.  This handy wire forming tool makes every bend and eye needed for spinners and spinner parts. “ How To” directions included.  Again Wire forming tool bends .024” wire and smaller. Not made for bigger gauges…

The TwisTech wire former is a high quality and extremely versatile wire bending tool. Use the Twistech wire bender to build spinners, spreaders, bottom-bouncers, spinner bait forms and most other wire-based tackle items requiring rounded bends and tightly wrapped eyes. It can handle stainless steel spring wire up to .037” diameter and easily accommodates hooks, split-rings and swivels in the loop wrapping process making this the perfect tool for the serious lure maker yet simple enough for even the occasional tackle hobbyist. 

Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and hardened steel components. Includes screws for bench mounting or you can mount it to the TwisTech Clamp Mount allowing you to clamp to any workbench or table (Clamp Mount sold separetly). Made in the U.S.A.