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Really Poor Knockoffs  —  Beware of our knockoff friends in China, India,Etc…  video available  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNcuLbc-QYI    Some good devices, expensive  unless you are commercially making them for resale …items are in short supply and just not available.  COVID has caused shortages in some sports gear at the manufacturing level and competitive sports being cancelled killed the retail level.  Fortunately no one told the fish… generally fishing is good in Florida , some small areas of red tide in southwest counties west of the glades.

Many of these suppliers below are out of inventory or back ordered… several possible reasons, COVID-19, the economy,  access, shut downs,  lack of business,  Inventory limits… shortage in production or the supply chain…In the meantime…

These are all basically good retail companies, my opinions may be taken with a grain of salt, two shots of vodka, and a twist, they may differ from you but we all have opinions and we are entitled to them.  I do welcome ideas and suggestions in friendly discourse. That means talking nice for some of the imbeciles lurking on the web…

I saw many ideas on building a wire bender but unfortunately required a complete machine shop with grinders, welders, drill presses, powder coating and sanders to do it.  Plus the skills to do it, so you don’t commit Seppuku or burn the house down…

To make spinner baits,  of all kinds and sizes you need three or four hand tools and I have been making my own for myself and friends for ten plus years.   Read On.  IF and it’s a big IF things go back to normal some of theses companies will get shipments again.

Hardware For Making Spinner Baits


If you are working salt water you will eventually run into toothy creatures and learn wiring, here are basics and then I will discuss how I do it because tools in this range of operations can be a cheap as twenty dollars and one can run a thousand and they both do the same job, thats why I do my own thing because basic tools will do the job.


Using our Kwik Twist Tool allows you to make your own professional leaders with ease. Making barrel wraps has never been easier than with this simple tool. 

  • This is great for the angler who wants to make custom length single strand wire leaders for a fraction of the cost of pre-tied leaders.
  • Short learning curve, good strong hands required, small and efficient. Follow size guidelines, two versions
  • I use these for leaders, my spinnerbaits require a different process.

EZTWIST ( For Haywire) 

From muskies to marlin now anyone can make their own single strand haywire twist leaders stronger than the pros. Our E/Z Twist is available in two sizes and comes complete with easy to follow instructions.

  • #1095 - Small: For 3-8 gauge wire (.012 - .020 dia. wire) or 32- 86 pound test.
  • #1096 - Medium: For 9-13 gauge wire, .022 - .031 dia. wire, or 105-195 lb. test.
  • Create prefect haywire twist wire leaders
  • Use for saltwater fish like kingfish and more
  • Great for Muskie and northern pike
  • Tool fits easily in tackle box to make rigs anywhere


Dubro is known for making some of the Best Tools For Making Fishing Lures in the industry.  

The most popular tools is the BuckTail Twister Tool.   This tool allows to build your own custom bucktail spinners with the colors, blades and beads of your choice.   Pre made Muskie and Pike bucktails at the store gets expensive.  

Another popular tool is our Lure and Leader Twister Tool which allows you to make the smaller Meps (TM) type in-line spinners.   It also lets you build the perfect wire leaders.   Basically it is a smaller version of the Bucktail Twiater tool 


So many species of fish require a wire leader, but buying pre-tied leaders can be very expensive.  You can save yourself a great deal by making these leaders yourself!  The E/Z Twist Pro is so simple to use, you will be able to make hundreds of leaders in no time. In fact, some of our customers have sold their leaders to tackle shops to generate extra income. No longer will you search for the perfect length leader for your rigs, simply make your own and always have them ready when you are.

* Wraps are consistent and look professional.
* Make the eye right on the unit, no extra tools needed.
* All replacement parts available. (see below)
* Make wraps "loose" or "tight" depending on preference.
* This model wraps wire from 5 to 13 gauge. (see chart below)
*Includes #1, #2 & #3 heads    
$ 274.99  $ 324.40   In stock



Wire, Parts, Tools, They have everything you need

NOTE:    These are really very nice people at Jann’s Netcraft and do offer customer service on a high level.  There are problems industry wise of which neither is their fault.  

Some places have been having problems.  The first is shipping availability so things might be a little late, less space on aircraft, COVID delays and priorities, less aircraft, and two really bad weather storms have the heartland and they are still digging out and rebuilding their networks.  So far my orders have been handled extremely well.  It affects also those who ship to them so,  some items might be tight…  It will clear as we all get vaccinated…

(GOOD)  Little Blue bender is just that a bender and does a good job at bending but not my choice for making barrel ends,  because it’s not made for that.  It just does nice bends get for open ended spinners covered and closed with a lure body.  But not barrel wraps…for lures… A pair of roundness (good quality) pliers does the same thing. Great if you make R spinner baits or open spinnerbait shafts. Not expensive and usually in stock. This might be all you need plus one or two pliers.

NEXT STEP UP  —  ( SPINNER TOOL)  The NetCraft Tack-L-Tool is one of the least expensive barrel turners on the market  but you must have patience as it requires a learning curve and a lot of it is manually done when you get into thicker wire

When you get the drift of how well it can work, it’s very nice.  It’s all in the wrist they say meaning how and where you place things for precision barrel wrapping.   It is available in two levels…. Just the tool itself and you can watch the videos by one owner on the you tube channels and he makes it look simple. It is after you watch it several times and then all of a sudden you get it…

NOTE:  This is the one package to get…   The second version comes with all you need, the tool, a great book with tips and ideas wire and the book alone is worth the difference.  It will handle most wire gauges in the spinner baits from crappie to moderate sized saltwater fish.  

I bought one   * * *   Mine has been modified since I suffer from “ Improvement-itus” and I took it apart, lots of rivet drilling, metal polishing for smoothness, and an interchangeable hook section allowing smaller eyelets for smaller Mepp’s spinners… which are nerve and finger wracking…plus a size reduction and use it for other purposes…  I still make my spin baits by hand… old dog, no tricks, keeps arthritis at bay…

For the small maker in self production it’s OK,  if you have patience but so is the tool below which has one great advantage… portability …I keep one in the car tackle box just in case… With hundreds of spinners in my collection I have not needed it. 

This small pocket sized tool ( Simply called a Wire Former) is just that a small pocket sized tools for barrel wraps in the small sizes only topping out at .024.  This handy wire forming tool makes every bend and eye needed for spinners and spinner parts. “ How To” directions included.  Again Wire forming tool bends .024” wire and smaller. Not made for bigger gauges… unless you do a lot of pre-bending… It’s a hands on thing.  And its portable and field useable.

Lost And Not Found -- Where are the TwisTech’s —  

The TwisTech wire former is a high quality and extremely versatile wire bending tool. Use the Twistech wire bender to build spinners, spreaders, bottom-bouncers, spinner bait forms and most other wire-based tackle items requiring rounded bends and tightly wrapped eyes. 

It can handle stainless steel spring wire up to .037” diameter and easily accommodates hooks, split-rings and swivels in the loop wrapping process making this the perfect tool for the serious lure maker yet simple enough for even the occasional tackle hobbyist. 

Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame and hardened steel components. Includes screws for bench mounting or you can mount it to the TwisTech Clamp Mount allowing you to clamp to any workbench or table (Clamp Mount sold separately. Made in the USA.   

I doubt If you can find one, someplace bumped pricing for the basic model from 99.00 to 146.00.  Unless you are going into production for sales or profit, there are alternatives better suited. There is also a clone, knockoff see the YOUTUBE  at the top of the page. It is as we say in China Cruising  “Le Junk”…

Twistech — As of 02/22/2021 there were none available in the ten on-line stores I contacted. I was wondering if they are out of manufacture.  Now adding to the confusion is this, same tools sold under two names from two companies…  Yesterday I learned from someone in the industry it appears that something has happened.  It’s a small operation going through some hard times (Reason unknown) due to the pandemic or the possibility of health, machinery or supplier problems. 

Also Lost —  Hagens Professional Heavy Duty Wire Former  430101 

Our heavy duty wire former will help you make spinners, wire leaders, wire snells, trolling rigs, bottom bouncers and wire forms. Wire former can be used to join wire and terminal tackle parts. Right or left hand operation. Wear points made of heat treated tool steel. Forms wire diameters from .018” to .041". Includes instructions.

Tool On BackOrder   169.95

Jann's Netcraft spinner making tool allows you to bend and twist wire to make your own in-line spinners. Wire Former will make closed or open eyes quick and easy. You can also attach hooks, swivels and snaps to the closed eyes and make wire leaders. Body is made of sturdy cast iron for long life and comes with a double clamp that will fit a bench up to 1 3/4". Professional Spinner Maker includes one forming die that accommodates wire sizes .026" - .029". Additional dies for smaller and larger wire diameters are available.  Similar to the Boggs Tackle Maker, it is either repackaged or a clone of the Boggs. This one says cast iron and the similar one from Lure parts is Nylotron

Tool On BackOrder  71.99


Model 4470 - Their Name for This Model

This commercial grade wire former is a welcome addition for lurebuilders looking for a tool that can handle larger fishing lures. It has both wire bending and wrapping capabilities and will make all the bends and wraps necessary to make spinnerbaits and bucktails of all kinds. 

Features also include right or left hand operation, anodized aluminum frame, tool steel wear points, and a wide range of wire diameters accepted. This wire forming tool works with wire from .018 to .045 diameters. 

Conversion kit available to work with .051 wire (sold separately), item 4471 Wire Forming Tool Conversion Kit

Out Of Stock

BOGGS Tackle Maker Designed specifically for in-line and french spinners, this tool will make professional grade lures! Choose from four models, each with a specific wire diameter range. 

The Boggs Tackle Maker is made from super strong and lightweight Nylotron  with quality machined parts throughout. 

Nylotron is one of the most widely used and versatile thermoplastic resins. Its combination of physical properties and reasonable price make it a favorite choice for numerous applications. Nylons toughness, wear resistance, tensile strength and lubricity make it a good choice for many mechanical machine parts. This lure wire bender is available in 4 sizes.  A tool for life. Also spelled Nylatron…
Con:  Not Ambidextrous

Comes with specific end for the following size wire:

      Out Of Stock


—  Better For A Commercial or Production Lure Maker  —  $$$$$

The Worth Tool  - Is It Worth It ?

The Worth Industrial Wire Former is a commercial grade wire forming tool designed for the demanding requirements of the intermediate sized fishing lure manufacturer.  

The wire former allows for great flexibility in creating a variety of wire shaft configurations such as end-eyelets, spring-lock shafts, buzz-bait forms, spinnerbait forms, jig spinners, center-shaft twists, and a variety of specialized kinks and bends. It provides for both wire bending and wire wrapping. The bending fixture features an adjustable wire stop and locator, adjustable base pin, and two rotating bending pins. 

The wire wrapping fixture utilizes a positive wire-clamp feature and a rotating adjustable wrapping shaft. Both fixtures are positioned to allow the inclusion of lure components onto the wire shaft or eyelet being formed. All wear points are constructed of hardened tool steel for long life. Both rotating shafts are fitted with bronze bearings to reduce friction and wear. 

Built like a tank…  The unit is constructed of machined aluminum. All forming pins and points are replaceable. The Wire Former is designed to be mounted or clamped to a workbench. Each unit includes pins and fixtures for the indicated range of wire diameters. Additional fixtures are available separately.

Cons: If you are not into production. this is financial overkill, if you are into production it will make you money, also parts are divergent and expensive too.