No longer needed in the kitchen, I bought my wife a beautiful wood cutting board and stole this one and added four plates from Home Depot at $1.64 each and 24 screws for 1.50 and she was quite happy with her new board.  Technically the base build board cost me next to nothing and when she was alive, no amount was too little to give her the best


It all started when instead of another third Bedroom, enough freeloaders, when you live in Florida northern friends think you are a BnB.  I needed a place to do my thing as a Junk Reconstructionist and get rid of my small office space and workroom I was renting.  But like all 8 x 10 spaces in your home,  or my condo you are limited in space layout.  I need the bench to be flexible and adaptable to four disciplines.  Battery packs, Soldering, Macro photography, Photo Studio for Passports, and Fishing projects , namely making Flies. 

SOLUTION:  Everything in the room goes on magnetic boards regardless of the job, whether its ARDUINO or PHOTOGRAPHY and Fishing Accessories. I have six or so primary boards, basically it allows a convertible room and workspace.



I live in Tampa Florida (specifically Largo not to be confused with Key Largo)  and through friends and boat owners we can tangle with all sorts of creatures things in our lakes, bays, estuaries, intra-coastal or gulf waters.  Thats one thing we have… water and so far the curse of warm water and runoff chemistry from land causes something called  “ Red Tide” ranked number one in the retched throw-up genre due to tons of dead fish hitting our shores.  

This year so far it has been minimalist, no problems in spite of global warming.  Fishing has been strong… Also no offshore oil wells have blown up in the gulf recently, it was the worst ecological disaster we have seen.  Some areas have not recovered in spite of our politicians telling us all to sing, KUM-baya, and we should be dancing around the fire.  One disaster like that is enough.   

  • I made it double thick from two pieces of Starboard I had, with no-slip feet. It doesn’t budge.
  • A shoutout to Michaels Craft Shop for the larger heavier threads and big needles that I use to make bobkins or needle points with.  I wait for 40% off days and the threads come in a hundred colors, heavy and bigger spools. ,
  • Mandrels for these large tube flies come from felting needles (36 Gauge)
  • Larger tube mandrels are made from bicycle spokes. 
  • And finally the setup is all made from parts I had laying around: 
  • I have a ton of the regular fly tying small spools, top photo right hand corner about fifty,  for regular fly tying but being able to switch by just changing a board and using my magnets ( Everything is on magnets, small Led lights and cell phones) makes things easy. Regular flies get their own clamp boards as you will soon see.

PIN-VICE -   I took one half of a large X-Acto knife, drilled and tapped  it for 1/4 x 20, the head screwed on with JS Locktite, I drilled the other end with a 1/4 inch hole, flattened both sides, couple turns with a file, used another of those handgrips and magnet for the base.  Close to 20 pounds to release.  Better than any clamp. The smaller guy behind the pin vise is a bobbin holder.  The poppers and small flies are for color.  

CUSTOM BOBBINS -  ( I spell it both, maybe three ways - NO RULES, Bobbin or Bodkin, Bobkin, holders, threaders etc.)  Since the Heavy Duty threads in large spools were available at Michaels, of good cotton and sealed with UV after assembly I had no problem using this heavy stuff on the tube in any size to 6/0 and bigger.  

Tubes are great and pretty indestructible after building with coats of any of the fine products I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply, right next door to Michaels  he giant makeup and personal grooming store.  The manager greeted me, she asked point blank… another fisherman? I almost fell over… 

“ Most men don’t shop here and the last one was here two days ago”.  I asked her what he bought and if she got his name…  I had on my list almost everything he had on his.   Pure Acetone, final super Hard Coats, that are incredible, Glow-in-the-dark stuff,  and head colors from Hard as nails in a million colors, and I got a discount. 

But larger streamers for salties are easier to build if you have large hands.  BUT, no one makes a bobbin really big enough for the bigger spools.  So I made a quick half dozen just for this project.  Nuts and bolts from Ace Hardware.  And fully adjustable for size and tension and about two dollars work of parts.   The needles are 36-gauge from Amazon, a hundred for 6.99 plus bicycle spokes cut and shaped to fit.

The picture shows the sizes standard fly spools, larger fly spools and giant spools and these bobbins can adjust for all those sizes.  

  • Those round tubes under the screw head 3/8 can be brass, steel or aluminum from the hobby store may be added or removed as needed for the size of the spool. 
  • The lock nut secures the tension.  
  • The 1/8 brass tubes fit in the short lock nuts , UV glued, are cut invert polished, rounded and work perfect with medium to heavy thread.   
  • The white caps are shrink tubing and hold the end of the line, I heat pinch the end.
  • As soon as my ceramics get here I will be once again upgrading the tips.  They work just fine and are indestructible and cost about two dollars in parts, I had lots of these parts. 
  • I had many of these parts laying around the rest came fro ACE hardware.


All the vices I use with the Little persons or friends have a place called the garage, again magnetic, or steel plated and built from Black Starboard.  When you can create a workable workspace in a small area and comfortably work each of the different scenarios, it’s a cool feeling.