METZ FLASHES  50, 52, 54 and 58 Series



I build packs for and offer advice on the two types of METZ units.  My favorite, the  48, 50, 54M, 58AF series 1 and 2   These are the familiar Cobra style series.

NOTE: If you own an older handle-mount 45, 50, 70, 60, 76 Metz 45’s,  I do work on them, with newer componentry available and lots of units very reasonable and affordable.  They are incredible in the quality of light and power if modernized.

The POPE’S personal Photographer, the late Mr. Mari Giansanti used all Metz .  So do the the current papal photographers, after Mari retired, theres a whole gang in there now… and using handle mount Metz units.

I have used and owned almost every Metz unit for years going back to my Wedding days.  Most pros during the film era looked at the Metz 45 with the same eyes I look at  bikinis today.   The Metz simply had better coverage, more power and better color balance.   Bikini’s had less coverage, more exposure and a more even tan.  That was  stretch...They never relied on camera sales, they just made good flash units.  


After Nikon went to the heat-sensitive 900 series I am suddenly seeing a lot of Metz 58’s, not only as the strobe of choice because METZ is known for a great product but because it didn’t seem to have those problems the Nikon 900 does. The 58 does have some great features.  It uses the standard MKZ 3 cable. Which also fits the 54 series if you find one as a backup.  


I am also a fan of the Metz color which I think is superior to the others on the market. If you have a Black Box, or Tuxedo and are using the SB-800, the cable with no alteration is the same for the METZ 58.  You already have the cables and the box to run the Metz 58 on. It's a great strobe.  I love the Metz professional 54-58 series and nothing more has to be said.

I also like the upgrade program via the web through a built in USB port so you do not have to send in the flash or worse use the camera as the transmitter!  Really, but METZ has always meant better whiter light, tired of those color cast shots?  Due to its high GN of 58 at ISO 100/21° and 105mm focal length, the 58 AF-1 and now the updated 58-2 digital is not only especially powerful, but also can be used for indirect flash lighting to great effect. 

For the first time Metz integrated a reflector card that can be flipped open into its vertically tilting and horizontally swiveling reflector. In addition, the Bounce diffuser 54-23 is available as an optional accessory.  Using the integrated secondary reflector, additional brilliance can be achieved with this flash technology in close-up areas. The integrated slave trigger unit allows the 58 AF-1 to be implemented separately.

An additional plus for all those who want to use the 58 AF-1 digital apart from the camera: the new flash can be used wirelessly with the Canon E-TTL remote system and the Nikon i-TTL remote system, thanks to the integrated slave trigger unit.



Automatic Mode - A photo sensor acuurately and consistently measures the light reflected by the subject and ends the light output as soon as the subject has been correctly lit.

AF Flash Measurement - Auto focus assist beam integrated in the flash unit makes automatic focus adjustment with AF-SLR cameras possible.

Tilt reflector - Can be adjusted vertically from -7 to 90 degrees allowing for indirect flash lighting.

Rear Sync - Synchronization on the 2nd shutter curtain for natural blur effects.
Partial Light Mode - For reduced light output or for particular flash durations.
Secondary Reflector - To fill-in the shadows created when using indirect flash.
Power Zoom - Automatic adjustment of the flash reflector to the corresponding lens focal length.
Modeling Light - To judge the illumination prior to exposure.
Swivel Reflector - Can be adjusted horizontally allowing for indirect flash lighting.
Wireless TTL - Can be used as a wireless slave or Master flash within the Canon wireless digital TTL system.
USB Connection - Firmware updates can be made by users to keep flashes current with the latest camera metering systems.
Digital Compatibility - It is compatible with the most current digital metering systems from the top camera manufacturers, including iTTL from Nikon and e-TTL 1 & 2 from Canon.
LCD Display - Easy to read, backlit display.

THE METZ 50   (Cable MB-2 Modified) (DISCONTINUED)
The successor to the Best Accessory “Tipa 2008” award-winning Mecablitz 48 AF-1 digital has been launched with a new high quality metal base* which allows quick and easy attachment to the respective camera and a slight boost in power and communication with the Metz 58.   Our task was to create a cable for it and we did.

AFTER TESTING and a WARNING -  The cable for the METZ 50 is the Quantum MB-2 with modifications specifically performed by the guru. NOTE -  The cable has to be modified.  Not only do we put a higher quality DIN on it, we have to modify the cable polarity and fit at the same time.  

There are two mods to the cable and we do them free for you as long as you are a Black Box customer. Buy a box, we will do the cables specifically for the Metz 50.  Do not use the cable on any other. It can be converted back.

The Mecablitz 50 AF-1 digital has all the right technological features, including numerous application possibilities and even higher performance levels (guide number 50). Equipped with a USB interface for online firmware updates, its innovative and future-proof credentials are proven. 

It is available in five versions, Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Pentax or Sony Alpha. These permit precise light output tailored to each individual subject. Numerous manual fine tuning options extend your creative photographic freedom. 

Virtually limitless possibilities are opened up for creative lighting thanks to a fully swivelling reflector system which also contains a flip-out reflector card and a diffuser. The slave function allows the 50 AF-1 digital to be used “without constraints”. 


High max. guide number 52 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm combined with a high flash number e.g. 240 full flashes with NiMH rechargeable batteries. The flash delay is fast, 0.1 – 3.5 seconds depending on energy source and flash output. 

 To use with a Black Box, this unit is totally different, and requires a slight mod to the strobe.  Which will not harm anything.  It’s a clean installation and retains use of batteries when needed. We thought this would be a successor to the 50 series and cabling would be easy.  This one turned out to be very frustrating, more difficult and presented some difficulties initially since it was a complete redesign.

Thanks to its maximum guide number 52 for ISO 100, the Metz Mecablitz 52 AF-1 has more than enough power to cope with any shot – the horizontally swiveling and vertically tilting reflector ensures optimal lighting control. Any subject can be professionally set off to best advantage with the help of the integrated diff user for wide angle shots, and the white reflector card. 

The fully automatic motorized zoom can adjust lighting angles to precisely suit the focal length of the lens. And even wireless flash – whether in TTL or servo mode – is mastered to perfection by the Metz mecablitz 52 AF-1. 

Even in low light, the powerful autofocus metering flash can achieve razor-sharp images – and the modeling light makes it possible to evaluate light and shade on the subject prior to shooting. 

What’s more, it holds its own in terms of ease of operation too. The Metz Mecablitz 52 AF-1 is the first compact flash unit in the world to be equipped with an illuminated touchscreen display which can be swiveled through 90° – particularly practical for portrait shots. A free soft ware update is available via the USB interface at any time. 


  • Illuminated touchscreen display with automatic swivel function (90°) 
  • Motor zoom for 24 – 105 mm illumination      
  • Integrated wide-angle  Vertical (+90°) and horizontal (300°) swivel reflector
  • Diffuser for 12 mm illumination
  • Flip-out reflector card
  • Modeling light (permanent light to check shadow)
  • Integrated autofocus flash metering
  • Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on unit and on camera
  • Flash range display on graphic display
  • Automatic unit shut-off 
  • Metal base with quick lock (not Sony) 
  • Firmware update via integrated USB socket
  • Camera-specific system flash modes support Canon, Nikon, Pentax, 4/3’s, Sony 
  • Standard flash modes, TTL, Manual, Servo, HSS, 1-2 Curtain Sync, Manual TTL, Auto-Fill


Metz  40MZ - 1,2,3               ME4
Metz  54MZ - 3,4                  MKZ3
Metz  Model 58                    MKZ3
Metz  Model 50    MB2 with MOD VERSION ONE
Metz  Model 52-1 MB-2 with MOD VERSION TWO