I want you to be happy with my product. And I want you to share that happiness with others. Years ago I adapted the policy of no advertising, spend it on the customers who might need it and let the good word abound, and it will be fruitful.  It works, not exactly Wal-Mart statistics, and some days I think being fruitful meant better tomatoes at the supermarket…but I am here to help you.  

Don’t be shy, call me if you have a problem. Ninety-nine out of one hundred calls I can fix or diagnose over the phone.  My products are covered with a limited warranty for period of one year from date of purchase.   During that time if you have a problem caused by a part failure, we will replace, repair all parts and labor, including chargers, plugs batteries and our cables.  Period. No questions asked. 

Father Time, Mother Nature, and her lover Sir Murphy-Lawes sometimes create simple trials like lightning strikes, tornadoes or a flood, surges and brownouts.  You cannot predict wear and tear on electrical digital products and batteries because the power sources, your electrical supply really have variable standards and are so different regionally and even things vary door to door.  The weather this winter and summer have been brutal and spikes are killers.  

Obviously with a charger plugged in all the time there is the chance a charger got killed by a spike as during a storm or during a brownout or the eight million lights on your house during Christmas fried the whole block.  Also areas with brownouts and fringe grids wear out the chargers quicker.  Thats why we use good ones unlike cheap wall-warts.

Not all of the electrical stuff blows because of God.  Man does a fair job of blowing stuff up all by himself and thats why we cover 
electrical against defects, it is not covered by winding up in the dishwasher, swimming pool, spa or the Atlantic Ocean.   One did, but worked till the salt got it all.  The light burnt for a good half hour in sixty feet of salt water before it went out.  So I developed a LED setup with my batteries for markers... 

We use pretty robust heavy-duty units but nothing is infallible. We do carry replacement chargers in stock, and also available from Mouser.  Do not modify, change, alter anything without consulting me first.  

Remember one of the things we work on is simplicity and field repairability. Checkups are free, no charge except for return postage which is 14.00, that 13.60 for the government and .40 cents for gas to the post office.

I will gladly look at your unit for which there is no charge except return postage and parts. Now lets say you really screwed it up.  We will inspect it and will call and advise you of what we found. Something simple, it is fixed for free and returned.

If your pack comes in for the free checkup, it is over three years old and has been subjected to extreme conditions  a possible battery replacement is suggested because of the cost of postage on another occasion is more than the battery, might as well do it while it’s here.  

Older than three years and we go into upgrade mode.  A bad wire, weak, solder joint, anything correctable that is an anomaly, we take care of and we do not charge you. Even the best of solder joints ages and I can easily redo them.  

Any neglect or abuse is on your dime. That means dropped boxes, tire imprints, shark bites usually indicated by the dent on the bottom, or the edge can be fixed as I can weld plastics.


If you have a problem with one of my products,  return it  via the recommended method of USPS.  Please contact me at 727 – 812-8101 and let me know you are sending the product back for repair.  You will be given priority service.  Dated proof of purchase and if you are the second owner, whom it was purchased from, as well as an explanation of the problem, must accompany the Warranted Product. You are responsible for any shipping costs, import/export duties, taxes and other such fees. 

If AL JACOBS.com determines that some of the necessary repairs are not covered under this Limited Warranty, you may request an estimate and the opportunity to confirm whether you agree to pay for these repairs. If you decline, obligations for that machine or product under this Limited Warranty end.   This has never happened but I have to put it in anyway.



They allow shipping six days a week including Saturday and allow me on rush orders drops on Sunday at the airport which leaves after midnight.  And I’m even getting shipments on Sundays now.

PRIMARY - I prefer for you to use USPS PRIORITY MAIL.  
SECONDARY - UPS packages secondary.  

My mail person knows me and has a passkey and is in touch every day.   Sometimes the FEDEX, DHL and other carriers not familiar with my name or the Condo I live in will leave a package at the base of the elevator insecure.    I have a discreet drop box at my condo so if the stuff is addressed right it gets here even if I am not. In fifty years of shipping, not looking to jinx myself, the US mail has served me well.  

Do not ask for a signature card, it will signature record free when dropped to me electronically to my safe box because of a tracking code I use.

Priority mail has the best rate and record for two to three day delivery for what I ship and Priority mail is fast, trackable and is free insured to 50.00.  The USPS also offers lower fixed rate fees on 5-20 pound weighted products and this saves my customers money.  

Using zip locks, regular newspaper as the filler and no wrapping paper. Our hot glue seal packaging prevents theft and “slit grabbing”.

If sending a package, call or email first, let me know you are sending me something, when it’s expected and what’s wrong or if it’s just a routine safety check, which is free except for return postage.  Enclose a note specifically with the aforementioned information, correct address and phone numbers.

Enclose a check or money order,  PayPal for the return postage. Note: It's $13.80 for the return postage as we only use PRIORITY MAIL. Put your name on your gear with a sticker or business card.  Please enclose the charger and /or cable so we may test the whole system and include the module for the flash.   If you do, we'll check the cable, tighten things clean and polish the contacts at no charge. Then we’ll both sleep that night. 


MORE IMPORTANT - I am a CANCER CARE GIVER and dirty reused peanuts are an affront to me and my patients and really dirty packaging will be refused. I cannot take the risk.  You will get the package back.  When I ship back to you,  electronics in ZIP LOCK BAGS or saran wrap, then wrap them in newspaper  to protect or for a wet weather leak and so forth.  The contacts are covered with red caps as per shipping and airline regulations.  Then wrapped in newspaper for bump absorption.  I have over 4000 shipments over the 50 years and no problems so far, no missing packages, no breakdowns.

Take the email or a note of our discussion and stick it in the package with your address and phone numbers.  Again and I hate to be redundant, include your name address, the nature of the problem or work to be done and your phone numbers and email address.   Those that don’t enclose a note, I will let it lay till you figure out who you are and you contact me.

Since Canada was not on the list of countries DONALD “the Dork” TRUMP invaded in the past years, he came close with tariffs and NAFTA which was another TRUMP fraud.  Truth is only two things got ratified, Dairy and New Cars.

But  this year, surprisingly enough... we have good news!  Better Service to Canada and International Service with Priority Mail and lower costs.  Less aggravation with customs and quicker service.  Unfortunately I cannot speak for Donald the Dork and he might just declare war on Canada due to low flying geese and immigrants from north of the border.


Each brand of flash and even different models of the brand might have different battery layouts and thus different cables.  See the “YOUR FLASH" CHARTS (on the page that has your flash brand or call me) for the most common off the shelf cables and to make sure you get the right Quantum cable for your flash.  

I am emphatic when I say order from Adorama, or B&H.  Other sources have been dumping all kinds of old used bad, crappy cables in the box and we had to send them back.  

These are not the only cables available. There are plenty of others, maybe 100’s over the time and even some of the Legacy units might be revived.  In addition I modify many of these all the time for some exotic, not as popular specific strobes. Call me, I welcome your questions.  An old flash in good condition makes a great hair, accent, fill light in manual mode on a stand or umbrella rig.

Instead of shipping to you and adding days and more postage to the deal, have Adorama, or B&H,  shipping send it direct to me. It's no charge, no insurance needed and no signature. I have a secure location and confidence in the system. (I feed and water the UPS, Fedex and Postal guys especially on those 94 degree days we have here)  It's bulletproof!  They enclose your name address, no credit card info on the shipper and I know whose it is. 

 need some basic information for shipping and tracking purposes, we also make custom cables, other  products, and for my records for follow up.  It is kept in the strictest confidence, what goes on here stays here just like Vegas.  Just list the items or services you want in the "message section" and we'll take it from there. We do not nag or bother you.

Also people call me with one name and then ship to me under another name, and the PayPal is yet another name and no phone numbers. I am not Carnac the Magician.  He retired so I can’t call him anymore.  

Please send the contact email with information for what you need or wish done after you send the PayPal so we may put the two together to form your personal work order:  Put a copy in the box.  

My email is ajacobs2@tampabay.rr.com  Just use one of the several formats below, you may email on the form, fax, copy, scan, cut and paste, scribble, type a letter, papyrus and squid ink, carrier pigeon, or chisel and hammer the info to me.  I need this to keep the workflow simple.

Why use PayPal?  It's a better idea for me and you. I do not wish to do business with five different credit card companies and PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay.  I also do not wish to know your credit card number, or your mothers maiden name, or what was the name of your first dog.  I like privacy and PayPal handles it well.


Other Payment options include a Postal Money order,  APSCO money Order, Bank Money Order, and the usual hold on personal checks, and on occasion, I have actually received stamps, poker chips, silver coins, and silver dollars. (7It’s a  Vegas thing ) Sorry, no ducks, geese, cows, or reptiles...