Customers asked, folks requested, I listened so we came out with a smaller unit.  It is intended for folks with smaller power needs, the wife or second shooter, baby shoots, passports small jobs, a back-up, the battery for an external unit, perfect for 4/3 smaller rigs.  

We ship the 2018 Tuxedos on a regular basis now and combined with the larger Black Box, they make a nice two-some.  But supplies are low from my vendor.  My boxes are made in England and Denmark, I avoid China when I can for quality concerns. 

To be fair if you order two black boxes, you get a price break and save extra postage.  It a better deal.  The Tuxedo has 1.4 amps and the Black box has 4.5 amps, triple the power and only a one pound difference with the ability to run two units.

 It was designed as a back-up for the Black Box or occasional use for smaller jobs as a remote flash triggered with the mains;  

Again as a power pack for the smaller four battery powered hybrid digitals. It serves well  for the smaller more petite shooters.  Slips in a pocket, or clips on a belt.  It's thin profile allows it even in the back pocket of Celeste's  jeans…

It’s a back up, short jobs and crash scenes, candids or backup for PJ weddings where you can't stretch the light that far.  

THE  TUXEDO shares the same voltage, cables and applications, limited by size, with 3/8 of the power of the Black Box.  I do have extra internal for up grades.

I am working on the NIMH version now which will be higher capacity. If I can put together the right combo with a charger which is a whole new ballgame.


•  New Off-On Power Switch!

•  Euro world Wide Charger!

•  Single HD DIN port is standard with off-on switch.

•  Heavier Duty RoHS Appliance Grade Wiring is now Standard

•  All Hand Soldered, no breadboards no board failures

•  Tougher Construction, works even after being dropped

•  More Shockproof, simplified wiring

•  More Bar Proof, tested in some of the finest drinking establishments

•  Topless Bar Proof

•  Ultra Clip Standard for Belt use

•   Available in white only

•  The Tuxedo uses 1.4 amp hour sealed Lead Acid battery

•  Tips the scales at 19.5 oz  Size: 6" L x 3" W x 1" D