With our high resolution scans, your images will look great on a TV, monitor, LCD projector and capable of making a quality 11x14 print easily.  Same old expression good slide, good print.  

We accept slides in carousels or bulk wrapped?  No problem!  Your slides will be kept in the carousels and bulk will be returned to you. If you do not wish the carousels back, we’ll offer a credit on your account.  

Generally older Carousels, rust, old plastic, and lock up, after all some are 50 years old easily.  They do go bad, many do not want them back if their carousel is not functioning.

95¢ a slide.  These are slides that may have come from Europe with oversized locked plastic cases. They have to be done manually as taking them apart could injure the slide itself.  

They are grey and white in a thick plastic.  Fortunately since I invest time and energy in developing these state of the art digitizers, we added the new “Earthquake” model to our four conventional machines to handle particularly tough digitals like these.  Currently we are doing 1000 of them and the Earthquake is rumbling on.  Slow and steady, these Euro slides are something else, extreme heavy duty and the film plane has to be perfect for reproduction.

As long as the slide is 2 x 2 inches these rates apply.      

•  35 mm  film mounted in 2 x 2 inch  cardboard or plastic mounts.  Slides in glass mounts must be removed from the glass and mounted in cardboard / plastic mounts or manually shot in our Earthquake.
35 mm Half Frame  - mounted in 2 x 2 inch cardboard or plastic mounts. But the image is half the size of 35 mm.  You may want to consider 3200dpi for these if your want the resulting file size to be closer to regular 35 mm quality.
110  slide in 2x2 mounts.  110 slides in 2 x 2” cardboard or plastic mounts are the same price as the 35 mm.
126  mounted in a 2 x 2” cardboard or plastic mounts. The film size is square, not rectangular like 35 mm.
110 Pocket Slides  (in 1x1 mounts)  110 slides in 1x1” cardboard or plastic mounts, also known as “ Pocket Slides” require special handling for scanning.
•  127 SuperSlides - 127mm SuperSlides in 2x2" cardboard or plastic mounts.110

Good images result in 24 MP returns most (depending on crop) High resolution: to 4,000 dpi  24 MP.
•  We orient and color correct each slide nominally. 
•  Severely bad slides requiring restoration are figured on an hourly basis.
•  Quantity discount pricing for large repeat customers under our commercial program.
•  No extra charge for slides in carousels, in fact its less and you could get a credit for the Carousels you won’t need.
Dust & scratch reduction

8 mm - Super 8 - 16 mm Betamax - VHS - VHS-C - 8mm/Hi8 - MiniDV
Should be digitized because mis-labeled tapes and no way to view them prevent you from enjoying your memories regularly.  Videotape, film, and photos degrade for heat, poor storage , rats , roaches and other critters.  They were never meant to last most we get require some kind of improvement due to degrading.

Send everything to us – we take care of all the work and assisting you on how to label or organize any tapes, film, or photos.
Special pictures or slides that have real meaning, may be enlarged up to 20 x 30 if the original quality warrants it.  You would be surprised if I told you how many clips of family and friends you never knew existed, or forgot about, and suddenly they appear.