•  On occasion  I will build a machine for someone not in my area.   By building my own tools and replicators I don’t have the bills that outside work generates, thus my machines cost less than half of the only other machine on the market.  I build for serious investors, and those looking for additional income.  Frankly I make more money doing slides than making slide machines.

•  I source newer shelved components when adaptable and applicable instead of expensive custom-made parts which requires custom made money to pay for them, your custom made money!    

• Simple off the shelf ideas and componentry, no mumble jumble technical BS, and it is the BS used to justify costs.  

•  I am a one man operation. I have no sales teams, distributors, bonuses, commissions, shills, bloviators or win free trips for sales excellence, stuff customers never see but cost money.  

•  I use simple easy to understand  economics, policies and directions, avoiding some really obscure embellishments by others some referring to it as bullshit.

•  We have the speed but speed is not as critical as you might think. Our camera and lens was selected because of it’s qualities, it’s not a toy point and shoot.  It just happens to be the camera of the year.  

•  We also know your customers would not be that happy knowing their slides were off to Bangladesh, that might be who your competitor is using.  Wholesalers use off shore providers.  As an owner of a lab or pro photographer you can easily solicit and earn their print and enlargement business on the spot.  

•  Additional in come can be achieved through sorting, renaming, flipping, flopping, ordering, collating, correcting and deleting. 

•  We build on machines that are applicable.  Many are not , there are plenty of Carousels in basements, pawnshops, attics and closets doing nothing and probably only a third are usable and build-able models, not all.  

•  Then condition counts, and must pass our strict inspection.   At one point our dumpster looked like the Kodak Burial Grounds, but there already was a burial ground, it was called Rochester.

•  You keep going in case of a light failure which would be rare since the light array is totally  user changeable.  Thats in 10,000 hours.  The complete rebuild offers low consistent power consumption, 5000 Kelvin daylight lighting, and a 10,000 hour life expectancy.    

The SONY 5100-A6000 SERIES has WI-FI
( A6000 is extra and comes with additional lens)  Speed has never been our concern, the machine will never be faster than the sum of it’s components, namely the camera. Quality imaging is.  Our choice for a camera setup is the latest technology from SONY, and SIGMA with related parts and optics which came out first in our testing against a myriad of other  name brands.