"Just Chimping Around" came about after a day at Busch Gardens watching these almost human close cousins of ours living their lives in a well designed habitat.  There is something about Chimpanzee's, that draws my attention.   Maybe it’s because I see CHIMPS, which is the common name for the two species of  Chimpanzees doing things that look human,  and sometimes I see things that humans do that makes them look like Chimps.  

They belong to the genus PAN and the common Chimp is called a PAN TROGLODYTE.  Now you know what that means when you call your best friend a knuckle dragging Troglodyte!  All these years you thought it was a creature from a fairy tale. They come from West and Central Africa. 

The second species or BONOBO (Pan paniscus) also known as the "Pygmy Chimpanzee", is found in the forests of the "democratic" Republic of the CONGO.  Humans acting like Chimps are from the species Pan Americanus Imbecilus Sapiens.   

My 2nd shooter at most weddings ( Bongo Boo below ) did a fabulous job at weddings when the groomsmen had too much to drink and did stupid stuff.  He was right on top of the situation.  No one fools with a chimp, they have the strength of four men.


Real Chimps have black hair and pinkish to black bare skin on their faces (except for hairs on the chin), ears, palms of their hands, and soles of their feet.  Infants have very pale skin in these areas and a white tail tuft, which disappear by early adulthood. 

Chimpanzees walk on all fours, or "quadrupedally," on the ground and in the trees. They use their knuckles for support while walking on all fours, and are called "knuckle-walkers." 

This form of locomotion gives chimpanzees longer arms than legs.  This is another expression commonly used to describe monkey type actions when performed by humans one notch down on the mental food chain. 

The chimpanzees can use these long arms to reach out to fruits growing on thin branches that would not usually support their weight and "brachiate" (swing from branch to branch by their arms). Humans trying to duplicate this maneuver usually wind up in a class one trauma center. 

Chimps have opposable thumbs, although these are much shorter than human thumbs, and their opposable big toes enable a precision grip. Chimpanzee males are slightly larger and heavier than females. At Gombe, adult males weigh between 90 and 115 pounds and measure about 4 feet high when standing upright. 

The chimpanzees can use these long arms to reach out to fruits growing on thin branches that would not usually support their weight and "brachiate" (swing from branch to branch by their arms). Humans trying to duplicate this maneuver usually wind up in a class one trauma center. 

Chimps have opposable thumbs, although these are much shorter than human thumbs, and their opposable big toes enable a precision grip. Chimpanzee males are slightly larger and heavier than females. At Gombe, adult males weigh between 90 and 115 pounds and measure about 4 feet high when standing upright. 

Females are slightly smaller. Chimpanzees in West Africa, and in captivity, may be larger. Chimpanzees in the wild seldom live longer than 50 years. Some captive individuals have lived more than 60 years.




Chimpanzees are members of the HOMINIDAE family, along with GORILLAS, HUMANS and ORANGUTANS. This statement tends to annoy some religious groups who reinvent history as they go along and don’t go along with the theory we evolved.  Excuse, me but I am on the scientific belief list.  

If you have ever attended some of their services where they dance like fools (No Arthur Murray here) scream and yell in strange gibberish languages, throw poisonous snakes around their person and profess a closer relationship with GOD, just look at the chimps.  

They show emotion and have a language, by screams, grunts and other vocalizations which other chimps understand.  And they are smart enough to stay away from poisonous snakes, and to me they are brighter than some of the hysterics I have witnessed.  ( SEE RELIGIOUS NUTS)

Chimpanzee are thought to have split from human evolution about 6 million years ago.  Thus the two chimpanzee species are the closest living relatives to humans; all being members of the Hominini tribe (along with extinct species of HOMININIA sub tribe). Chimpanzees are the only known members of the Panina sub-tribe. The two Pan species split only about one million years ago. Around 94% of human and chimpanzee DNA sequences are similar, some scientists go higher. 

Some bartenders have claimed 100% similarity between their customers and Chimps.  Females can reproduce at any time of year. Just like humans and many bar tenders admit conception can sometimes occur after attending their bar.  The usual birth being a single unwanted infant. 

The bond is very strong and the infant usually is found clinging to its mother for transportation and foraging. Typically as the infant develops, the baby later rides on her back until the age of two. Females attain maturity at 12-13, though males do not till they reach 15-16 years of age. Some males never achieve maturity. Another human trait.  The child’s upbringing, teaching, foraging skills,  and dependency falls on the mother. 


Chimps make horrible pets. Nothing stirs the maternal instinct more than having a pet you can relate too.  And thats the problem. As long as they are babies with 24/7 supervision things work out almost as if it were a human baby.  BUT that cuddly ball of fun, intelligence and parts similar to ours is a tap dancer on the roof of a condemned building.  

Nat GEO did a special called FATAL ATTRACTION on this subject and it is both compelling to watch and scary at the same time. It is not for children. Let them see them at the zoo in proper surroundings, treated well, and allowed to live a chimps life if they have been born in captivity, rescued or never captured in the first place and always be free. Shoot the poachers, not the chimps.


Travis was a 200-lb. Male chimp owned by Sandra Herold, 70, and was raised from a baby in a totally human environment for 14 years with reports of Travis even sleeping in the same bed and room with his owner.  

We won't go there.  

He had appeared in commercials on TV and guest appearances, could bathe by himself, brush his teeth and dressed quite well, even fashionably, and could use a computer to surf the web while enjoying a glass of wine.   (I didn’t make this up, please do the research - CLICK)

A close friend Charla Nash, 55, came to visit Sandra and was viciously attacked by the 200 lb. Chimp who probably has the strength of six men.  Chimps are smart fighters, they attack hands and feet to disable an opponent and then he went for her face and it was literally ripped off, miraculously she survived with  horrific consequence.  She had held an Elmo doll in front of her face.  

When the police arrived, they were attacked also and the chimp was shot dead by a police officer. There is some suspicion that Lyme disease may combined with XANAX might have triggered Travis’s attack.  Not substantiated.

Charla Nash was treated at the Cleveland Clinic.  A family member disclosed that Charla has had multiple surgeries, including reconstruction of her cheekbone, eye socket, and nose.  She will not regain her eyesight. There have been some complications, infection that has to be addressed.  Charla’s speech is improving but is still distorted at times. 

Charla Nash, appeared on "Oprah" Wednesday, the 18th of November to reveal her face and share heartbreaking details on her life since the attack. There is a website devoted to her recovery.  Just Google her name and update. The owner of the Chimp recently passed on. 

Charla Nash's daughter, Briana, told TODAY about seeing her mom's new face. Now, thanks to a ground-breaking transplant surgery, Charla has gotten a new face. In a grueling, 20-hour operation, a 30-member surgical team under the leadership of Dr. Bohdan Pomahac at Brigham and Women's Hospital performed a full face and double hand transplant.  When the surgery was over, Charla’s brother and daughter Briana went to visit her in recovery and saw her new face for the first time.

“She looks fantastic,” Briana told TODAY’s Ann Curry in an exclusive interview. “You’d never believe something like that could be done. She looks just like everyone else. It was so good to see she can have an experience just like everyone else. I’m just so excited for her to learn to use it and let it become part of her life.”

Because doctors transplanted not only a face, but also two hands at the same time, Charla’s surgery last month was a medical first in the United States. Unfortunately the hands failed to thrive as she struggled with pneumonia which led to low blood flow to her new hands. They were removed.  But overall, her recovery and future look excellent. Her doctors say they can try again when new donor hands become available.

“Transplanting a face and hands together is basically an unparalleled quest,” Pomahac, Charla’s lead surgeon, told Curry. “The complexity, logistically and surgically, I think makes it the most challenging thing we can do these days.”

They are territorial, and actually will plan set ambushes and kill other chimps from other groups or tribes. They form coalitions and eat the young and adults of smaller species of monkeys. 

They are omnivores eating both meat and vegetables. They use tools both to gather food with and to use as weapons. They learn these skills and pass them on to other Chimps.  It is rumored they passed them on to humans, the tools, killing and ambush part.

On the savannas of Senegal, chimpanzees are hunting bush babies with spearlike sticks. This hothouse of chimp "technology" offers clues to our own evolution". 

 "There is a startling National Geographic Article about the Senegal Fongoli Chimps that will amaze you.  The story starts, It has been discovered that chimpanzees in the wild can become sick and die from the Simian version of AIDS.  The finding disputes the belief that chimpanzees, can get the virus but were immune. 


It also suggests that an outbreak of AIDS is contributing to the declining chimpanzee population in Africa. Monkeys and in some cases chimps were/are hunted for food in Africa and that was the original theory of the beginning of AIDS from monkey meat. 

As reported by another source they can pass along infections like yellow fever, monkey pox and the Marburg virus to their human keepers.  In congress there is a bill pending called the Captive Primate Safety Act. So far it has not succeeded. It sometimes amazes me how things as clear cut and as smart as the banning of exotic species has trouble making it through Congress.  Primates have a simple life and sometimes the law of the jungle makes more sense than the laws written by some of those we sent to Congress who act like monkeys and some should have been caged a long time ago.


The Davises are like any other family, only instead of a son, they raised a chimpanzee. As with Travis, the chimp that attacked a woman who's finally speaking out, for years everything seemed fine. Then something strange and horrifying happened — though not necessarily what you’d think.  

This story appeared in ESQUIRE magazine and is used here to supplement the dangers involved in raising animals in homesteads.  It appears though the attack was not the fault of MOE but of other chimps and dominance or animal jealousy if there is such a thing may have played a role in the story.  A must read but I caution you it’s very tragic…