Cruise fever aboard the giant ships occurred seven times this year, mostly out of Florida ports. Some with Legionaries and other viruses spread around the world…  Travelers referred to it as the worst Sh*t-storm they ever encountered. “ Days of their lives”  became “ Days of their Diarrhea”   

And thats Before COVID-19 came on the scene…   Now cruise ships are being called PETRI DISHES for COVIS-19.   Our incredibly stupid T-RUMP Acolyte Governor is not listening to the CDC scientists or doctors and opening all capacity bars to max and keeping Cruise ships running.

They could not handle it with regular viruses and do you expect any of our genius  leadership to handle the situation with COVID-19. They all failed to listen… This month February 2021 500,000 Americans are DEAD. And a new word for the Jacobs Dictionary…  LEADERSHIT !

If you believed our politician’s T-RUMP and DEsantis yes, please ask your Medical Practitioner for a prescription for a lobotomy at your local mental institution because an idiot like you might just be the cause of the horrific spreading of the disease…

Cruise ships estimate one year before they can offer limited cruises if the vaccines work.  The vaccines work but it’s all based on how bad our LEADERSHIT can screw things up.


This is a story about my state, this is where I have resided for the past 50 or so years. And it speaks to the things you probably are not aware of.  Things no one told you about Florida, especially real estate people.  But I have a hunch a couple of positions, recently filled with some brighter and honest people may straighten out a few things...

And we are a state with the state bird, the Mockingbird. Who in their right minds in the Florida Legislature made the Mockingbird the State bird?  So I directed my thoughts to the new Agriculture Commissioner. 



I believe Nikki our new Agriculture Commissioner ( she got my vote) will do a much better job than Adam Putnam, the last GOP social party climber that got elected and somehow lasted eight years.  

And Putnam had the nerve to run for Governor, till El Presidente T-RUMP jumped in and endorsed DeSantis a known T-RUMP acolyte and sycophant, who is doing his best to win the prestigious Hitler personality look-alike contest.  Our President Donald T-RUMP was last years winner, three years in a row beating Mitch McConnell and Vladimir Putin… 

The commissioner heads the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, an agglomeration of 13 divisions and five offices involved in the regulation and promotion of Florida's agriculture and consumer services industries. FDACS agencies establish rules for the state's animal, aquaculture, forestry and produce industries, license producers, provide marketing support for the state's agribusinesses and oversee emergency preparedness and law enforcement efforts covering the agriculture industry.

In addition to its agricultural duties, the department regulates various consumer services businesses, including motor vehicle repair shops, charitable organizations, dance studios, pawnshops, telemarketers and several others with histories of scamming our citizens namely since Florida is number one in Senior Citizen Scams.

•  Administration   •   Agricultural Environmental Services  •   Animal Industry  •  Aquaculture  •  Consumer Services •
•  Food Safety •   Forestry •  Fruit and Vegetables • Licensing •  Marketing and Development •  Plant Industry Standards •

•   Agricultural Emergency Preparedness • Law Enforcement • Agricultural Water Policy •  Office of Energy •  Office of Inspector General   •

SIDEBOARD ED:  Lets get this state positive and producing again, forget about past mistakes, there are just too many of them.  Agriculture handles a lot more than the orange count or seafood conditions.   Adam Putnam did a bad job with handling mis-labeled seafood scams in restaurants and produce in farmers markets, and did nothing about it, till it surfaced by the undercover Tampa Times Food Critic that exposed it.  It took three editions of the Tampa times to explain it all.  It was a huge scam pilled on locals and our tourist market, and bribes.

Then there was the gun permit problem and so forth.  It was too simple to miss, like a lot of other things Putnam missed.  Just not governor material and our presidente El T-RUMPO knocked him off for DeSantis who is looking for a future step up himself because his head is in the same place Pense holds onto dearly now.  We simply label it as Supreme Buttock Adoration or SBA.  And Herr Von DeSantis our governor who imitates and copies T-RUMP is looking at the Presidency in 2024.  Overheard at a bar… If he lives that long…

Important  — We Need To Change the State Bird — Too Much Like Our Governor

Pick a new state bird, the Pelican, or the Egret.  It took a while to learn why the Mockingbird was selected.  It represents our politicians, it was named after our bribed,  bought off,  corrupt representatives, of the people, the people who bribe them with money.  True, they are a mockery but thats not a good reason.  

1--With hundreds of songs in his repertoire and the stamina to sing for hours on end, the male Mockingbird specializes in vocal excess.  Just like our politicians, they talk a lot and say little and do nothing.

2--A masterful mimic, he mixes a variety of songs borrowed from other species with his own material to defend his territory.  Just like our politicians, he takes from others and repeats the lies till new ones come up. And lies again and again.

3--The overall effect is that listeners never quite know what will come out of his beak next.  For female mockingbirds its variety that counts, its the same for voters.  Just like our politicians who tell their constituents anything they want to hear.  And he only tells it to his voters , he cares little about, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Immigrants and other good people.  He prefers the rich Reptilians ( New name for the GOP) White folk of the Villages, Sun City, and other cloisters of the old GOP that voted for him.

Its quite simple they picked the wrong bird, even the Alligator is better qualified.  Scientists tell us the ancient Dinosaurs actually evolved into birds, thus cutting out 250 million years or so and since Gators eat a lot of birds, I assumed it could be our state bird.  I vote for the Gator, winner take all…feed the politicians to them.

Someone once asked me are Gators that dangerous?  GATORS DANGEROUS, no only to idiots!  They are our state treasure.  Generally, they won’t bother you while boating, fishing or skiing in the Florida swamps.  They are best defined as curious, cunning, focused, ambush hunters and think puppies and dogs walked near streams, rivers and ponds are a snack. One gator thought they tasted like chicken.

Similarity...   Some of our politicians are defined as cheating, arrogant, useless, corrupt, lowlifes and grifters.  Hmmm, close, I’ll go with gators, they are more honest, and do admit they confirmed dogs taste like chicken.

Lets Start With The Gators