"Selling is the art of creating a desire in the mind of a buyer and satisfying that desire so that both buyer and seller benefit."  Now this may seem a bit odd fashioned for many of today's photographers without a clue, but if you can't sell yourself, your product and services, you might as well stop now.  

  1. If you don't believe a successful business is based on the tenets of a good product, priced fairly, promoted professionally and delivered on time exceeding expectations.  Quit now, and save the grief for another day.  The demand is still high in burger flipping and french fryer experience.
  2. Belief in yourself, who else?

  3. Persistence overcomes resistance

  4. Enthusiasm creates positives

  5. Knowledge creates confidence

  6. Consistent quality and communication builds relationships

  7. Empathy creates understanding

  8. Energy and excitement 

  9. The selling problem ... is all about you - you are the source of the problem, within that source is the solution to the same problem.  Selling has much to do with fear ... but not simply the fear of rejection. more specifically, selling has to do with the fear of failure.


  • The seeds of success are in every failure we experience. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained happens to be true.”  FEAR is crippling because we see FAILURE as an embarrassment:  As something unnatural. But failure is quite normal and not at all something to be ashamed of.
  • Take a personality Inventory of yourself, how are you looked upon by your peers, yourself, your work, your assets, experiences and ultimately success all add up to your personal concept.  
  • Inputs come from parents, friends and others, authority figures, limitations intelligence and fulfillment.  Once we add up who we are, we know what direction to go in, but first we must dispel some myths.
  • Are you Confident with yourself do you use information wisely
  • Confident people do not expect the impossible, they work within intelligent boundaries
  • They are serious about themselves
  • They demonstrate a capacity to give of themselves.  Know who you are, know where you are, know what you are. Have the right attitude toward your client. Be fair in understanding your client’s needs. Be very persuasive to a point of seduction, and be well motivated handle objections


  • Failures are lazy without realizing the importance (at times) of being lazy. 
  • Idle time is the most creative period for man.
  • They confuse the difference between SELLING and BUYING.  A seller who SELLS controls the transaction and loses the maximum benefit of the sale; a seller who lets the buyer BUY allows the customer to control the transaction, thus gaining the maximum benefit of the sale.  
  • Failures seldom repeat their successes - they consider them a matter of luck. Instead, they concentrate on what they do incorrectly rather than correctly.
  • Six steps to failure - Guaranteed results - There are more ways to die in business than to survive so if you are hell bent on destroying yourself here are some to try.  Do this and you will fail. Make sure you and your partners, family and workers do everything in your power to not work together.
    • Accept sloppy work as the norm.
    • Don't return calls.
    • Don't follow up or send out reminders to customers.
    • Dismiss the downturn as a fluke and not adjust your pricing.
    • Argue with customers and keep sending your customers to your competition. 
    • And lastly, live in the past, it’s gone, but it will come back to haunt you. 



People must be forced, manipulated, hood-winked, into buying. The salesman feels the customer wants to buy. He feels a vulnerability in the customer to sales pressure and, therefore, acts accordingly. But people don’t actually want to buy; but they want to be sold.

Customer wants to control the sales transaction. TRUE!  He wants to think that he bought (customer-oriented selling) and not that he was sold (sales-oriented selling). That he has been educated (by the salesperson) to make an intelligent selection or choice.

Low pressure vs. High pressure:   LOW wins!  TRUE!  As a more educated and discriminating buying public dominates the marketplace, the pendulum inevitably swings more and more towards low pressure selling and away from the more obvious and less satisfying high pressure selling.


ABILITY? - I’m afraid not. A lot of people on Skid Row have tremendous ability and potential.
AMBITION? - Probably not. For a lot of very ambitious individuals manage to alienate most everyone and therefore plan most of their own destruction.

ATTITUDE? - Most likely. Attitude, after all, is a state of if your will. We talk of positive and negative attitude. Show me success without this attribute. They simply do not exist. No one can survive in this competitive world without seeing things as they are; and dealing with them precisely on realistic terms. To do otherwise is tantamount to entertaining suicide. Many of us nurture negative attitudes ... about ourselves, our customers, our friends and family ... about life in general as well as and wonder why we are not making satisfactory progress in life.

BEAUTY? - Although successful people tend to look better longer thanks to the science of cosmetics and cosmetic surgery, they are not more beautiful.

BRAINS? - Not likely. Just as ability is not exclusive to the haves; neither is genius the common domain of a certain class or caste. Quite possibly, however, the achievers are more inclined to do more with what they have. That is, they are achievers for the most part.

BEHAVIOR? - Winners behave like successful people.  Like the self-fulfilling prophet, they get what they EXPECT ... success. The realization of such expectations builds upon itself.

CONNECTIONS? - Too often we hear that “so-&-so” was promoted because he has an “in” with the boss. Many years ago, there was a saying, “IT ISN’T WHAT YOU KNOW, BUT WHO YOU KNOW THAT COUNTS? Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, many still subscribe to this belief. But just for openers, even if it is true, what does it do to your ATTITUDE and to your BEHAVIOR? That’s right. It neutralizes you ... and drives you deeper into the pit which has become the home of the have-nots.

COMPETENCE? - The idea that the haves are more competent than the have-nots, ask yourself if your boss is more competent than you.  he is at the highest level he has achieved and do you feel you can go higher.

CONFIDENCE? - Confidence is one of those things a degree won't help you with. It is a state of mind; it is a sense of self-esteem ... a sense of self-worth. We all know people who have it. We also know that they usually have so much of it that they give us some of their overflow.

DETERMINATION? - Winners are determined enough. Losers can equally be determined. The clue here is that the have-nots lack the correct ATTITUDE which results in non-productive BEHAVIOR because they fail to generate the necessary CONFIDENCE.

DIRECTION? - Many of us lack a single direction: We are swallowed by distractions such as hobbies, scouting, school functions, church committees, etc. Notice that these activities are considered socially desirable and therefore are of merit. BUT problems arise that these activities frequently represent a SUBSTITUTE for lowered goals.

Winners are frequently more predictably dependable and reliable. The haves are always self-guided and in control of themselves.   They do what they do not because something tells them to do things but because they must DO IT and know it is for themselves.

DESIRE? - Yes, indeed, it is. The haves operate with a capitalized DESIRE.   They are driven to achieve, to make their mark, which goes beyond the mere dollars and cents they may earn. 

EXCELLENCE?  -  Surely, excellence is demonstrated in the work of many haves.  But the same can be said of the have-nots as well.  Interesting enough, the haves put a VALUE on their excellence which is mysteriously missing with the have-nots. It is not uncommon for the have-nots to GIVE AWAY their excellence because they have such a poor understanding of its worth.  
Remember the days when professional athletes had to take second jobs to play their sport.  It was a sacrifice to be a professional athlete. Not any more. Someone got wise and realized that the public appreciates and is willing to support demonstrated athletic excellence.

EGO?  -  Again, ego is a wonderful tool of both the haves and have-nots. The healthiness of the ego, however, is more the question.  A healthy ego would never expect me to believe I can buy something “for nothing.” Then too, a healthy ego would expect me to have an equally healthy ego and therefore would not insult my intelligence. Moreover, a healthy ego is neither a TAKER nor a GIVER, but a SHARER.

ENTHUSIASM?  -  The winners demonstrate a zest for life which makes them eternally young. They realize that age is not chronology but psychology. They believe in life, in people ... but most of all, they believe in possibility thinking.

FREEDOM?  -  You might be quick to point out that winners have so much more freedom; they can do what they want, when they want to; and of course, the not so fortunate cannot do the same.  What do they do, they consume themselves in mental fortresses?

FORESIGHT?  -  Winners see the picture of things to come because they see the picture of things that were before.  They know that success is a habit; learn from their experiences; that it involves discipline and denial; that moderation is where it is at!  They also enjoy victory but don't dwell in it.
They prepare for the winter or the hurricanes of life. They're thinking on target.  Adversity is a challenge and not necessarily debilitating quite the converse.  They plan their work and work their plan. They don’t reach for the moon. They reach for the sun. OK, they'll take the moon if that's all there is to offer.