Welcome to the survival guide for the Photographer new to Weddings and other events with compelling issues that tend to surface causing great pain and the avoidance of possible financial losses. 

This guide book has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no claims it will cure any disease, or malady caused by shooting Weddings or you possibly being shot at the Wedding by the Bride’s alcoholic inhibited Father.  On the other hand, a good laugh will sometimes prevent suicide. 

No photographers were injured during the writing of this book and if you can afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual attorney fees for malpractice cases.  I will get a referral fee if you do use him.  Which is against the law which no one pays attention to.

For decades, as a Wedding shooter, wedding planner, arbitrator and sometimes a wedding psychiatrist with 450+ weddings under the belt, I learned a lot from the myriad of Brides I photographed on their most important day.  Each one a rare and unique study into the self-imposed pressure chamber which in some cases promulgates like a vicious viral creature from Mars during the Wedding Event.  

Weddings to an outsider (that’s you the shooter) are just like STAR WARS with each new wedding like a segment exposing something different just as Luke Skywalker experienced.  

Then there are those wonderful moments week after week that I have photographed gorgeous beautiful Brides, Grooms and Bridal parties of folks you wished were your relatives.  That every wedding you photographed were cloned each week and this would be an ongoing nirvana. 

Unfortunately, that’s not life, it takes a different turn at times.  Suddenly you get to see and witness the “The Dark Side”.  A result of the high stress world today, the other extreme, when these beautiful baby blues turn into glowing red pustules where the eyes were must have been, and it will scare you.  

💒    The Introduction explains the people structure and the pitfalls, what to look out for and how to prepare to be smarter and avoid the occasional problem wedding of today.  Like “ Boot Camp”,  It delves into an attitude of when needed, usually during some form of chaos, when you have to assume or step up to what I call “Command and Control”.  In addition it contains a large section on what you need to do to be better at what you do.  the most complete series of both mental structuring, and good business sense to succeed in this business for YOU, or any other endeavor for that matter.  I taught sections of this for large corporations and it will set you straight in the business with good learning here about yourself.

💒   Shoot Lists are to keep things in order and under control.

💒   Legalities pertain to contracts, obligations, the law and common sense

💒   The Diversity Clinic - What to expect from different ethnicities, groups, clubs, clans, anywhere more than two of a kind gather

Thanks for dropping in, I welcome you to my website which is offered freely, and it contains years of experience and lessons learned.  I tried to make it more of a reader with lots of common sense, a few humorous episodes I lived through and more so, less of a manual which many get turned off by.             

It has very few endorsements for gear, which might seem unusual since I manufacture gear.  Gear has less to do about a wedding process than you think.  This is a time and a place for thinking and planning.   It’s about people to people.  

Most places pushing gear accept payment in product for good reviews about camera products.  When I do comment on an item, I will bring it to you possibly in a slightly sadistic and sarcastic written environment if it warranted being bad, coining a new word “Sardastic”.

 Gear talk can be found on any website, magazines, so-called teaching sites, and the often praised self SUCCULATION forums where the devoted brand gurus hang around.   They love the adoration they get, if they were that good at the game they would be spending their time getting more business rather than trying to impress newbies with great rhetoric.  (in their minds)



My logo says it all.  If something is good, it gets merit, if it’s bad you will hear about it.  I’m not shy on this subject.  I also write a consumer column. I get enough threats from those I write about concerning the food in their restaurant and a few politicians running around who should have been incarcerated.

Back to the thinking and planning part.  We will encompass relationships, processes, and tools you need to make it through a Wedding, sans gimmicks.   Added value...But there are some low-cost accessories you can build or do yourself on this site and the tricks are free. No ads, no wasted drivel.  The opinions expressed here are my own, I am very opinionated because mistakes are a hard teacher and I have made them. I also collect, modify and alter, and manufacture much of my own gear.  

I have been to Vegas for photo related conventions for thirty plus years and I also because of client relationships cover the CES recently and the S.H.O.T. shows, probably 60 plus conventions in Vegas.   Now I am retiring,  as these shows are financially unsound, for what I do anymore. Camera stores are gone, Big Box and the cell-phone, the internet killed them.

I am old school, in my business dealings. I have rules for my small business which have worked for me like:  I place a big emphasis on putting customers first... I like simple communication and attention to what my clients, many who have become friend’s, needs were.

I have little time for social media, at a symposium I attended I spoke about the rise of FarceBook and others, mere idle bullshit almost five years ago.  I am not claiming any glory for what I felt was a waste of time, an idiot dump for some idiots, a place for idle worship, depression, greed and worst of all too transparent of personal information.  Then the hacking began and as a good IT guy i Tracked and sourced.

FarceBook morphed.  Followed by others.  Everyone was doing so well they had to tell the whole world, but surprisingly suicides have grown disproportionately.  When someone reads how well others are doing and can’t meet the levels of others,  [which is mostly bullshit]   they are subject to depression. Thats just fact and in seniors with depression and mental inactivity leads to  Alzheimers.  I know I have a younger brother suffering from it.

To those who chastised me and wrote nasty things about what I sensed in this part of communication, I’m laughing so hard because a few of you got hacked and screwed and I warned you about spilling guts that wind up on your own dinner plate.  A quick check of the dark side of the web proved to me, by social security numbers how many folks had been hacked.  It was as one who works with some agencies agreed with me an open door.

I eliminated the social media outlets, FArceBook took weeks...changed all my processes, added more layers of security, and have no interest in social media.  I have a great social life and business without it.  When I saw things like a backyard mowed and this person thought this was a world wide event, I took another Tylenol.  

No nit-twitters, no Instagram's, no Farcebook or Social Meddling, I am really not into the social media.  I keep very busy and am blessed to have many friends and fans that make up enough sociality for my world on the topics I choose to be interested in. The products I build are for primarily the wedding, event, and photojournalism shooters.  My clients are frugal, smart, climbing in their league, building their business, competitive and they know photography. 

I am brand neutral, I have been partners in retail, Wedding mills, photo laboratories, manufacturing camera gear, taught and have worked with Kodak, Aires, Graflex, Leica, Rollie, Minolta, Pentax, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya 4x5 and 6x7, and Bronica in 21/4 SQ, SONY and Canon. I have shot every format from 8x10, 4x5, 2 ¼ to 35 mm.