I left room at the bottom of each for you to add your own.  Some suggestions might seem to be a little odd. People are odd. 
The funny part is I have seen some of them happen. I left this in editable Word format allowing you to change the sequence and make your own list.  

Download it, copy it, have a couple laughs, save a copy for the Wedding Director after you clean up the few laughs in there.   The Funny version first.    List two, next page is the more serious version comprising basically the 150 must have shots which as you take multiple of each ( 5-6 ) which will net you 750 or 1000 usable.


☐ Girls getting dressed, doing hair and makeup.  Just barge in so you can really get some good stuff. TRUMP did it.
☐ Bride alone in mirror, singing “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” 
☐ Mirror cracking.
☐ Mother helping Bride adjusting dress and fighting back the daughter’s tears.
☐ Bride not happy about those two pounds and using Gorilla tape to hold it in.
☐ Shoe Shots (PJ) Bow Shots, Bra shots, T-back shots. 
☐ Special Hair Shots when hairspray ignites from Brides cigarette.
☐ Mother adjusting bride’s veil seeing if two layers of Clearasil helps.
☐ Bride pinning boutonniere on father’s lapel turning away realizing he’s got bad breath from the booze.
☐ Bride giving hand flowers to bridesmaids and telling them to stay celebrant at least till tomorrow.
☐ Bride handing out condoms just in case. Flowers should be the only thing hand jobs are for.
☐ Collective shot of Bridesmaids, use super wide lens if all of them are size 18-24 or better.
☐ Bride pinning corsage on mother. Happy she is getting out of the same house with that woman.
☐ Limo to the Church, hurry, they only rented it for one hour and that was three hours ago. 


☐ Get bridal party member tripping on dress, falling flat on face (after all it’s PJ)
☐ Shots of limo at wrong door, send limo to right door.
☐ Now get the right shots of limo arriving. 
☐ Get shots of driver wanting check for four hours OT because the girls were late.
☐ Front Steps to the Church with all the folks arriving who didn’t read the note to use the side door.
☐ People Arriving (PJ) Just shoot them all.
☐ Back room with everybody nervous and waiting, some sneaking a few hits and snorts.
☐ Good time for some more of those PJ terrific based shots. Like Jockey shorts.
☐ Don’t forget the shoe laces of stupid looking cheap vinyl patent leather rental shoes. 
☐ Last minute adjustments, Head Count, are they all there, get shot of processional order.
☐ Check the Grooms room for last minute shots (PJ)
☐ Have a “Couple shots with the boys”, you know they smuggled something in.
☐ Relax, they’ll get the groom sober before he goes out there, sure they will.



☐ Exterior view of the ceremony site.
☐ First kiss as husband and wife.  Several if they are exchanging tongues a lot.
☐ Bride and her father, bride and mother.
☐ The Bride and her step-father and /or step mother.
☐ Groom and father, groom and mother.
☐ Bride and groomsmen placing those she slept with on the outside.
☐ Groom and bridesmaids.
☐ Bride and maid/matron of honor hugging and kissing (a lot)
☐ Groom and best man hugging. (Hmmm)

☐ The Grandparents and other important relatives being ignored as usual.
☐ Bride and groom lighting the unity candle and she mentioning him how much fun the hot wax thingy was.
☐ Candid of clergy congratulating bride and groom looking for the check.
☐ Ceremony portraits with no flash because it’s a Catholic Church. 
☐ The step parents are a very hot subject.
☐ Step Children, adopted children, missing children, rent a few kids if you can, they do great things at Weddings.
☐ Any pets at ceremony (becoming popular) and a few embarrassing situations.
☐ Former paternal parents (third time around, were they invited ?)



☐ Bride tossing bouquet. Hitting ceiling fan and causing short and falls short 
☐ Someone battling and diving finally catching the bouquet, tripping over the chairs, falling on butt knocking two other women down and great underwear shots unless they went Commando.
☐ Groom tossing lunch from too much booze.
☐ Groom tossing garter, former girlfriend catching the garter, Bride tossing a right hook.
☐ Newlywed’s first dance, groom steps on Brides dress.
☐ Father’s last dance with daughter, in tears of joy since she’ll be off his car insurance.☐ Flower girl dancing with ring bearer, how cute as he grabbed her ass and she slapped him.
☐ Topless dancer from Bachelor party dancing on table with DJ
☐ Guests dancing getting nasty, someone suggested a twerking contest
☐ Bride’s father with pockets turned inside out, he was mugged behind building.
☐ Close-ups of hands, rings, fake Rolexes and real Timex’s
☐ Band or DJ’s for the impending lawsuit because they played too much RAP.
☐ DJ trying to cop a little from the cute bride’s maid during his tenth break and fourth drink.
☐ Guests throwing rice, bubbles, balloons, condoms, firecrackers, grenades (popular in some countries)
☐ Releasing Doves, Butterflies, Bats, Flatulence and Dumb toasts.
☐ Cake Cutting Ceremony and groom using Sword from Confederate Calvary, slightly rusted
☐ Bride with cake alone, and Groom with cheap Grooms cake alone.
☐ Cake table, Cutting the cake, Groom smearing cake on Bride.
☐ Bride clobbering Groom
☐ Groom with idiot look on face.
☐ Groom admitting his friends said “she’d, change but didn’t think this soon”.
☐ Best man toasting bride and groom again only he’s drunker and his words are stupider
☐ Groom slugging best man for comments about Brides hooters and how he admired them
☐ Bride and groom silhouetted against stained glass window of Church as rock comes flying through from ex-wife 



☐ Best man and Groomsmen decorating the car and attaching the rear axle to a fireplug with a rope and firecrackers.
☐ Best man and Groomsmen being told it was the wrong car.
☐ Couple kissing good-bye and getting into car, limo or carriage driving away
☐ Rear axle ripping out of the car as the fireplug goes off and angry Priest wanting to know who did this to his car.
☐ Exterior of wedding location with fireplug sending showers of water in the air, Guests falling all over the lawn, waving goodbye, a few birdies.
☐ Police and fire departments responding. 
☐ Handcuffed subjugates being hauled off.