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❏  Dress hanging up.

❏  Dress hanging with arrangement of shoes, veil, garter, rings, necklace, etc.

❏  Individual shots of shoes, veil, garter, rings, necklace, etc.

❏  Candid’s of bride getting ready (hair, make up, etc.)

❏  Bride putting the garter on - several flattering shots

❏  The Bride’s Veil - several flattering shots

❏  The Bride pinning on mother’s corsage and father’s boutonnière.

❏  Attendants helping bride with final preparations

❏  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

❏  Bridesmaids primping

❏  Bride and mother in the mirror 

❏  Brides maids in the mirror  

❏  Bride in dress posed in reformation

❏  Bride with mother, father, both parents·  

❏  Bride with Maid of Honor attendant, each maid   

❏  Gift table·        

❏  Bride leaving house, with father get in car·    

❏  Groom alone, then pinning on mother’s corsage and father’s boutonnière.·      

❏   Best man adjusting groom’s boutonnière.·    

❏  Groom looking in the mirror

❏  Groom with best man and individual groomsman·      

❏  Groom shaking hands with Best Man holding rings·        



❏  Bride and father getting out of the car and going into church

❏  Bride and Groom on opposite sides of a door, unable to see each other before the ceremony

❏ Guests arriving/waiting at ceremony location then signing guest book and at gift table

Ushers escorting guest

❏  Candle lighters

❏  Musicians or singers

❏  Bride and father waiting to enter

❏  Ceremony location from outside


❏  Wide angle shot of the whole interior of the church

❏  Groom entering

❏  Groom and groomsmen waiting at the alter

❏  Grooms parents being seated

❏  Bride’s mother being seated

❏  Maid of honor down aisle.

❏  Brides maids entering

❏  Flower girl, ring bearer

❏  Bride and father

❏  Groom meeting bride

❏  Soloist, organist 

❏  Altar or canopy during ceremony

❏  Father giving away the Bride

❏  Lighting of the unity candle

❏  Readings, singings or prayers

❏  Exchanging Vows

❏  Exchanging Rings

❏  Sipping of tea or wine hand intertwined.

❏  Seven circles (Jewish Traditional)

❏  Groom lifting the Bride’s veil

❏  The First Kiss

❏  Breaking the glass (Jewish Traditional)

❏  Bride, Groom walking the aisle 

❏  Bride, Groom outside on steps

❏  Receiving line 

❏  Bride alone in chapel

❏  Bride, Groom alone in chapel

❏  Bride and Groom leaving and guests throwing rice, seed, bubbles, rose petals, etc. 

❏  Bride and groom leaving under an arch of swords (military).

❏  Bride, and Groom getting in car or carriage

❏  Bride, Groom in back seat

❏  Bride, Groom in back seat, kissing



❏  Bride alone (full length) Left side, right side, straight on

❏  Bride with her parents. Couple angled (L-R-S)

❏  Bride with Maid of Honor

❏  Bride with bridesmaids individually

❏  Bride with bridesmaids as a group

❏  Bride with bridesmaids and flower girl

❏  Bride with groomsmen

❏  Groom alone (full length).

❏  Groom with his parents.

❏  Groom with best man.

❏  Groom with groomsmen.

❏  Groom with groomsmen as a group.

❏  Groom with groomsmen and ring bearer.

❏  Groom with bridesmaids     

❏  Groom with mother. 

❏  Bride, Groom together

❏  Bride, Groom with parents

❏  Bride, Groom in a silly pose

❏  Bride, Groom with Officiate, minister, priest, shaman, witch doctor

❏  Bride, Groom with her parents

❏  Bride, Groom with his parents.

❏  Bride, Groom with the wedding party, women and men split.

❏  Bride, Groom with the wedding party, attendants mixed together. 

❏  Bride with Maid of Honor and Groom with Best Man

❏  Bride, Groom with her grandparents

❏  Bride, Groom with his grandparents

❏  Bride, Groom with her immediate family

❏  Bride, Groom with his immediate family

❏  Bride, Groom and both immediate families

❏  Bride, Groom with flower girl and ring bearer.

❏  Bride’s Parents alone

❏  Groom’s Parents alone

❏  Both Sides Parents together

❏  Bride with children from family or wedding party.

❏  Groom with children from family or wedding party

❏  Bride, Groom with children from family or wedding party.

❏  Close-up of Bride’s and Groom’s hands/rings over her bouquet.



❏  The Bride, Groom, sitting and relaxing

❏  The Bride, Groom, finally sitting and kissing, hopefully the drama is part is over

❏  Bride and groom with witnesses and officiate signing the marriage certificate. 

❏  And officiate stamping or signing the papers.

❏  Flower girl and ring bearer.

❏  Bride, Groom on arrival

❏  Bride, Groom at car   

❏  Bride, Groom entering reception

❏  The receiving line (posed).    

❏  The receiving line (candid). 

❏  Bride, Groom dancing

❏  Bride, and her father dancing.

❏  Groom, mother dancing.     

❏  Parents dancing.

❏  Best man and Maid of Honor dancing.  

❏  Complete bridal party dancing 

❏  Guests dancing.  

❏  Bride and groom lifted on chairs (Jewish)   

❏  The musicians, disc jockey, singers, dancers, entertainment, choir   

❏  Emcee Talking with bridal group, or individuals    

❏  Bride, Groom talking to guests 


❏  The Guest Book 

 ❏  Ice Sculpture

❏  Gift Table

❏  Other special decorations

❏  Reception location from outside

❏  Cake from the front side and rear toward crowd 

❏  Head table 

❏  Parents table

❏  Blessing before meal

❏  Toast, best man

❏  Other toasts

❏  Cutting the cake

❏  Bride, Groom feeding each other the cake

❏  Parents table

❏  Brides-maids surrounding, kissing the new groom at once

❏  Head table 

❏  Bride, Groom with parents

❏  Bride, Groom with special guests

❏  Throwing bouquet

❏  Catching the bouquet

❏  Throwing the garter

❏  Catching the garter

❏  Decorating the car

❏  Going away clothes

❏  Bride, Groom saying good-bye

❏  Guests throwing rice/seeds

❏  Bride, Groom getting in car

❏  Rear of car speeding off 

❏  Guests waving

❏  Bride’s exhausted father with empty out turned pockets

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