An intense, soon to be very legal growing market possibility. The same sex marriages tend to be smaller and obviously more intimate unless you live in Hollywood.  Many may come out of the closet, but many don't hang pictures in the company elevator either.  

That lifestyle may just have more digital enthusiasts than you might think.  I wouldn't count on that revenue for your latest lens purchase, on the other hand as it becomes more prevalent, look for a trend for more than just a civil affair. And Gay and Lesbians tend to have more friends than straights until a hairball causes a cat fight.

Here are some of the problems that may arise.  Who is the alpha?  Really there shouldn’t be. It’s a union of two people. But be prepared and body language will be the clues as to how you handle the situation. One of the two will show their dominance.  The problem arose in some states because they couldn't decide on their printed forms who is the she or the he.  

Since it's really a they, they settled for Celebrant one and Celebrant two.  

Not joking here, this became an issue involving changing a court document and we all know how fast government whether it be state or federal moves.  It replicated itself in NY's recent same sex paperwork.  So, include the two in discussion and make sure they agree.

This is a very tough subject here for some.  First realize everyone invited there knows the situation and if they were not comfortable they would have not shown up.  The toughest times for the shooter involve intimate moments. Just do what you must do, and it's your job, so do it to the best of your ability.  If it becomes a show, or beyond what you feel are your standards, back off. 

But regardless of your beliefs, let the other half live and if you are not comfortable, don’t accept the work. Someone else will and some photographers specialize in it. Several of the confirmations I have done went great and the players went out of their way to make everybody comfortable.  

I had a good time at a few and got referrals. Again, you are there to record, not judge. I will tell you though, if there is a lot of booze, just keep a camera ready for a cat fight or two, they get a little jealous and frisky, but that’s true in most weddings. 

If your community has a strong market in same sex Weddings and you have no problem with it, there are guides such as Gay & Lesbian Wedding Resources from the "Complete Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings" and the "Essential Guide to Lesbian & Gay Weddings" to general resources regarding same sex marriage. Find a great guide to help you plan your same sex wedding, commitment ceremony or holy union ceremony.

The key here as the photographer is to not interfere with their plans but you can offer them some simple ideas

Don’t worry, be happy plan an event about what you are and not traditional beliefs. Those older friends and folks who knew you are not involved anymore and those you invite know your relationship

Get creative with your wedding party. Go for it.  Choose who you want you want up at the altar with you—whatever sex they are—and name them accordingly. 

Start thinking about your outfit early   Two men - Tuxedos, thats easy.  

Two women gender alike or gender different.  “Share photos of what you're going to wear with your planner or a friend," They can steer your partner in the right direction so you and your future bride aren't clashing in formality, style or color.

Social media is your friend -   All sorts of solutions for invitations and other wedding hints featuring genius ideas.

Put your own stamp on the ceremony Screw traditional wedding ceremonies feature a groom waiting at the altar for his bride.  Walk down the aisle one right after the other, arm in arm or in Walk each other down the aisle, perhaps arm in arm or holding hands.

You can still have your own pre-parties.  So go ahead and plan your own celebration, whether it’s a weekend in Vegas or a trip to a vineyard, and even your own showers if you have different ideas about who should be invited and where they should take place. 

Be wary of unfriendly vendors.  Despite same-sex marriage now being legal in all 50 states a lot of planners and couples don’t realize how many people don’t support marriage equality,”  

When contacting a vendor for a first time, make it clear from the outset that your partner is of the same sex.  As the infamous wedding cake scandal made the Supreme Court.

A planner may be worth the cash - Though a wedding planner isn’t in everyone's budget, a coordinator can help you save time by steering you toward venues and officiants that he knows to be inclusive of same-sex weddings, and can vet vendors for you so you don't have to do the potentially disappointing dirty work.

Vet your honeymoon locale before you book - Once you've come up with a list of dream destinations—particularly international ones—do a little research first and cross off any that don't afford the same legal protections and cultural acceptance that same-sex couples have here.