Before William and Kate got married, we knew what to expect and the level it was to achieve.  There were tremendous protocols and traditions to be followed to the letter.

I might add the blocking (where to stand) and acting was superb with hundreds maybe thousands on the sidelines opening the right doors and guiding the actors.

It was a spectacular open book test and all chance of failure had been removed. It was stunning, very expensive and the entire country came forth as stand-ins and minor role players. 

 The costuming for this play was exceptionally beautiful, colorful, perfection and for the men nothing is better than the military dress red suits with all the medals worn for which our Tennessee Sharpshooters loved during our war of independence.  

Yet a little bizarre at times because we in the West focused not as much as the cerebral part of the wedding but what they wore.  Every-one who is in the dress business in England was in couture Valhalla that day.  

Who will ever forget the hat Princess Beatrice of York wore at Prince William and Kate Middleton ’s royal wedding.  

It was a show stopper. Had she worn a commode on her head it wouldn't draw that much attention.  Some of the hats could have been used as a commode.  It looked like a commode that was fuming.

Don’t get me wrong she is beautiful, delicate yet exotic, I fell in love with her, and eyes that light in the night, but the hat still looks like a toilet. 

Several from the Royal Astronomy Society thought perhaps it was used to summon aliens from another world.  It's the details that make a wedding different.  And that’s what makes them all different and that’s what you get paid for. Weddings as traditional as they may seem, are all different. There is something that sets each one of them apart.

By the way like in all fairy tales, and this one went out of the box, the story has a happy ending.  The hat has a new owner: The towering chapeau sold for an astonishing 81,100.01 pounds, approximately $130,000, on eBay and proves Barnum’s accountant got it right, there is one born every few minutes, on the other hand the money was all donated to charity.  God bless her.

“It has its own personality, and I am so happy that we have raised the most incredible amount of money and can make an even bigger change for the lives of some of the most vulnerable children across the world,” Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson, said in a statement on Sunday.