Nudist Camps, It's a Cultural Thing. In this case I had to block out the specific parts so I don’t get shellacked by idiots who try to make the world think this is immoral.  

We have had more ministers get arrested for pedophilia than nudists for nudism. It said he who has not sinned shall cast the first stone.  More reasons to wear a steel jock. Maybe a few of the youth ministers and pastors caught recently need a steel jock.

Florida is a natural for the au natural, we have several camps here in the Tampa Bay area.

The most luxurious clothing optional experiences you can imagine. Whether you’re an avid naturist or just looking to discover your more daring side, we have the perfect adventure waiting for you.Our resorts will embrace you with beautiful water and sunny skies. Enjoy fabulous discounts and meet new friends with one of our many vacation Groups.

Caliente Club & Resorts  •   21240 Gran Via Blvd.   • Land O Lakes, FL. 34637  (813) 996-3700

From a nudist site, the question was asked “what do you wear at a Nudist wedding"?  First, the invitation should let you know if it is clothing optional, which it really should be for purists. If you are not sure what to wear talk to your friends that are getting married.

Granted they will probably try to get you to go all natural, but if you don’t want to go that way just wear something casual and comfortable.   For the men, a bow tie around your private and for the ladies a transparent scarf or two band aids and a G string.
  “The going joke was if it was a formal nudist wedding, corks were popular”.


Find a location that will be temperate. Since most nudist tend to prefer outdoor settings, getting married in the nude will require a spot not given to extremes in climate.  Contact your friends and family well ahead of the actual day you plan to get married so they can be prepared for the nude wedding. 

It may sound ridiculous but springing your lifestyle choices on dear old dad in front of a group of people is likely to strain familial relationships.

Consider letting the clothing requirements be optional. You may have several dear friends that want to share in your nude wedding without having to divest themselves of their own attire.   Ask the priest or official in charge of the ceremony if they have any experience presiding over a nude wedding. People often forget that such a perspective can radically alter the marriage experience for everyone involved 

Make sure that the grounds you plan to use for the nude wedding allow clothing optional activities. No one wants to have the "I do" interrupted by a squad car.  Remember it is their day even if they are nude, I would bet she will still wear something like a Veil, It probably won’t be a full veil, but something simple, he will probably wear a bow tie. So just make the phone call and ask.  

Your nudist honeymoon should be at Mountain Creek (Pleasure) Grove in Georgia. Here are some of their rules and the current trend for morning after wedding pictures might be approved here.

The Mountain Creek Grove is a private membership resort. No person under the age of 21 will be allowed on Grove property, common areas or roads.  The Grove is a clothing-optional resort. Lifestyle friendly. Partial or full nudity is encouraged. No clothing or sexual activity is allowed in the pool or hot tub.  No glass is permitted in the public areas of the resort, especially around the pool and the hot tub.  

For hygiene sake, please bring a large towel to sit on always when nude. Always shower before entering the hot tub and pool. Members and guests may wear whatever clothing makes them comfortable at any time, except that everyone must be nude to get into the pool or hot tub. 
At times, nature can work on male visitors. Visitors may cover up with a towel but are not required to do so, some may be rather proud.

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