Weddings today have changed. It used to be a relatively simple celebration of life event with kisses, hugging, bell ringing, glass clanking, toasts, lots of hoop-a's and mazel-tovs.  It’s a different story today.  Today, they are choreographed epics with Bridezillas and reality show wedding gown failures and Estrogen emotional crack-ups.  On the other side there may be Testosterone emblazoned fighting, the display of lower rear and now frontal body parts, use of poor language and the consumption of alcohol and a few illegal drugs.

With basically bare bulbs, a Graflex and plates, evolving into twin lens reflexes like the Yashica, Rollie, Mamiya and Minolta, I, (WE) somehow managed to cover the event usually based on 120 prints in an album.  That was the past.  Two decades from now those older pictures will still be the same, and the ones taken today will bring comments like "why did we invite those people"?  It's called growing up and many of the wedding couples may not be very mature, influenced by elders also not developed thinkers.

Weddings today, and I have spoken of this in the many articles and seminars, do fall into categories both by the participants and those hired to do the bidding.  If I were to do the structure on a chart it would start with a basic out line as follows;  

Bear in mind this is NOT a condemnation of financial structure but the style points for various general assemblies, and nothing is in stone, I have witnessed some real high-end Weddings where the damages exceeded the actual costs, the retail of the Wedding.  Anything is possible… this is just a guide.


WEALTHY  WEDDINGS are usually: 
Over the top; Traditional; Very Conservative; Hollywood / Photojournalist
Fine Dining, Limos, large Bridal Parties

Traditional; Conservative; Semi - Hollywood; Semi - Photojournalist, Copy-cats

ECONO CLASS WEDDINGS hold the line at:  
Traditional; Unconventional; Conservative and sometimes Bizarre

BARE-ASS OR THEME WEDDINGS most likely are:  
Hopefully Traditional and Simple; Lots of fun;  Caution Can Be Unpredictable, 
Redneck En-fused; Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal and Warcraft, Lots of Home Cooking