One thing that cracks me up are the questions I get sometimes while doing a seminar.   I get this one more than other questions.  Someone else at the wedding, a guest, Uncle Harry, has better gear than you do.  Please do not commit Seppuku  (切腹)  or fall on your sword by this embarrassment. 

😭 Lord, you maxed your credit card and now you have been bested. I feel your pain, Oh, the embarrassment, I have been outgunned by a guest.  

I emphasize this, it’s not really a problem except in your mind. The other guy just has more money than you. You are supposed to have the skills.  And if this bothers you, he might just have more brains.   When he  comes over to show you his toy or brags about it, just reply the following with a really concerned straight face.

🙄 “We seriously looked at those but to be honest we turned down the trade-in deal we were offered from  (pick one)  Canon, Nikon, or Sony.   We stuck with what we had that worked and that model has already had terrific recalls, they might bring a newer version out sooner.  That takes the wind out of Uncle Harry’s sails and he will go into a molt losing his tail feathers.

Here is another scenario, you are a great tap dancer, you just won American Tap Dancer of the year, for your exploits. You are challenged to tap dance across a minefield and the only thing crossing your mind, wondering if you wore the right shoes.  

Here are the words to the song... By the NEW REGIME COUP PUBLISHED 2008

The moment’s gone, can’t reach it, See all that you’ve just left behind
Pace back and forth and regret Told you too many times before, Now you’ve got to let go

I can’t waste my time, there’s just no letting up I can’t waste my timeI won't stand down, no no
All your days have an end, Know where to go, Now I moved on to better ways

Why would I stick around now? This mess I've had, it tears me downCarry on!
I can’t waste my timeThere’s just no letting up, I can’t waste my timeI won’t stand down, no no
I can’t waste my timeThere’s just no letting up, I can’t waste my timeI won’t stand down, no no...

NOTE:    Ninety percent of the new photographers I see on the wedding forums asking for advice about cameras are wondering more about the shoes and haven’t got a clue about what’s happening at a wedding.  You never hear from them after the event because they have been blown to smithereens.

If you desire to become a professional in this arena the key is experience and self- confidence. Experience is gained by reading, observing, attending, inquiring, and eventually working with an established professional.

Self-confidence is not bravado, it is the culmination of experience.  Sort of being on a Safari, without a guide which leads us again to redundancy.  The real reason for a second shooter, the rest is BS, is a backup and saturation. That’s how it started. 

Never shoot a wedding without a backup.  Even if this is just a one-shot experience, I wish you the best of luck and may you never have an equipment failure.  Being “New” means nothing, it was probably made in a slave factory.  On that note, ever wonder why most big game rifles in Africa are what we call “Doubles”?  

First the doubles gun is two chambers, separate triggers, redundancy and simplicity.  It’s two guns in one.  Looks like a side by side shotgun on steroids.  Two guns rolled into one except the barrels and chambers handle Africa minimum which is .375, to .50 caliber big, very big game rounds, the bullets being cigar size.

Basically, two shoulder smashing cannons side by side and your possible dislocated shoulder is the backstop.  I speak from experience.  No clips or stack feed jams or hang-ups to shut this baby down.  A miss is backed up by a complete self-contained barrel, chamber and firing mechanism for the follow-up shot.  Sometimes called the lifesaver after a miss.

The second point for the doubles gun is that it is fast, very fast.  And two misses means that’s when the guide steps in and stops that Cape Buffalo from planting you in a tree or worse the earth, while you are trying to reload.  

Another rule of caution when hunting is extra ammo,  when “What you shoot has bigger teeth than you” and they appear in this photo to be well taken care of.   No sweets… truthfully, I used this shot enlarged for a large picture hanging in my Dentists office endorsing him.  “Look Mom, no cavities”.

Following simple rules and procedures like backups prevents, providing the user is qualified to shoot it, from being eaten or mangled by what YOU intended to eat or mangle.

Thus, I made this site to make you think and give you some clues as to what to do so that you can pull it off.   It’s no fun being a mere burp in a Lions belly or eventually a participant in Dung Beetle Football.