Metz flashes have been renowned for years for the outstanding build quality, the value and usability of their products, and last but not least their excellent durability and power.  And now with some smarts and a little re-engineering the can easily be adapted to newer digitals with power and performance the Cobra heads can’t touch.  If you have one laying around, get smart and upgrade the package, don’t pitch it,  I have answers.

Introduced at the Photokina 1976, the 45 CT- and CL features mostly one thing photographers who earned a living wanted, needed and used.  Power. With a guide (GN) 148 based on film for 35mm full frame focal length is quite a lot for a battery powered strobe off the shelf but was a great performer on the slow film of the day. (ASA 25-50-100 came to mind).  

Other strobes did not come close without spending a lot more money.   They still don’t.  Others also did not have the head spread and width of the light.  Metz captured the whole bridal party pretty evenly, not just a hotspot of the Bride and Groom. Thus a challenge, and in modernizing we addressed all the issues and found a gem...


The Pro Metz 45 series handle-mounts were the best for weddings, but didn’t have a pro power supply to run them. They had a rocket but no fuel. And then the TTL era began which misleads more than it works.

We call the fuel, the battery power chemistry in the industry.  The battery power was insufficient for todays mega shooters who need high numbers to get good pictures.    Then NiMH replaced Ni-CDs, capacity improved and with the advent of super packs for various other fields we now can take advantage.

Chimping:  Chimp Shooters, sometimes called Chimping Chumps looking at every shot and running out of battery power when they need it the most. Sure those smaller heads do miss all the people on the sides.   To the right is the real deal.  Real Chimping! And he uses Nikon.

The other problem was wimpishness.  Non-pro shooters are inherently lazy just like most of the next generation. And when strobes were smaller and lighter and the ISO ‘  went up, they think a  four battery strobe can do what a pro level strobe can do. 

Not really, it’s more head size, refraction and shape of the head and capacity to create evenness.  It’s  just not there in the cobra heads.

Its simple, more power in the past meant expensive heavy batteries.  My pack for my Metz 45 9.6 Volt 3800 MAH weighs less than 1.4 pounds and sits nicely on my hip.  And I have a ton of shots to use...1000.s

Now and the future:  Changing chemistries was part of the answer not available within the former lifespan of the Metz 45.  Now we are using NIMH in huge capacity and light weight.   In the future, when Safe lithium is OK, it is on the horizon, a few more years from now.  But now Lithium is banned on all airlines and Fedex, UPS, and USPS, way too tough to ship safely, still too dangerous to work with and there are fines if you get caught. 

I retired from working with a battery store, if you saw all the Lithium stuff I have seen like phones, battery powered toys and just about anything else people brought in blown-up or fired up, you would show a little caution too.  Having to ship ground and delays and tougher handling does not work for me.

And we have some wide angle rigs using my perfection bracket and a pair of Metz 45’s, triggered by simple Yong-Nuo’s or Pocket wizards. Whether you are  lighting a hall room at events or outdoor fill flash with large groups is simple and those bridal parties of ten or more wide per side can get good even lighting.  

Hundreds used my Perfection bracket before all the plastic cheap plastic Chinese gadgets came out and now I use the bracket on dual 45’s.  Killer! Take two  METZ 45’s x 148 guide @ ISO-100 = 296 or F16 at 20 feet wide.  Those numbers are verified with a Sekonic 358.  See the photos here.


I refurb, rebuild, redesign, re-engineer and manufacture power packs that are affordable to furnish the power these larger units require.  This entails rebuilding modules that transfers the power from the pack to the strobe.  

No more AA cells, Complete events and Weddings with confidence and power. The shot on the right shows the custom cables for my pack, the modules  and optional triggers.

Thus we took the simplest and most  affordable CT-1, for those doing pro work and with some smarts can be had for very little on the web.  Pawn shops too.


•  Do send me a list of what you have to work with, pictures help and let me figure it out. I have several options, on varying levels and some spare parts and resources.  I’ll quote you.

•   Another issue to think about before you tear one apart is compatibility with newer products.  I have a list of devices and the knowledge that cut the high voltage down for the synch ports.  

•  If your intent was as a stand or manual unit using into an umbrella, fine MANUAL mode works great. This is a stalwart true 150 guide power head with great color. Thus most are using them today on stands.  They make excellent portable location units for the budget minded shooter, no AC required and no cords for clients to trip over.  And we eliminate AA batteries.

•  The Metz will now with the pack consistently turn good numbers with a Pocket Wizard or other flash trigger with an umbrella or other light modifier since they have a bigger head. 

•  With a guide number 148 at ISO 100, that’s about as powerful as many of the smaller cheaper hyped up Chinese studio lights on AC, about 170 @ 320 watt seconds. (more like 120)

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